How to keep up with your New Year Resolution

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While resolving how to do better in the coming year, the standard New Year’s resolutions are: Hit the gym, spend more time with your loved one, Study a new language, etc. Whatever the goal, it often feels like you’ve run out of steam by February. Resolutions take time to implement, and you must admit that new habits and skills are difficult to develop. 

While resolving how to do better the coming year may seem cliché in March or April when you are overburdened with work, patience is running out, and life gets back to the old ways.  

But I won’t let that happen this New Year 2022!  

I’ve compiled a shortlist of the most meaningful New Year’s resolutions that you can pick up, put down, and reengage in, whenever the mood strikes. Furthermore, they will motivate you to live your best life as you look forward to the new year.  

So, I did some digging and discovered ways that everyone can use to make that resolution stick. 

Let’s get straight to that. 

To begin, let’s look at the basics: Why do we fail to keep up with our NY resolution? 

1. The resolution is not about you at all: 

This is a big stumbling block in the tendency for people to set New Year’s resolutions that do not reflect their true desires. 

Dieting and high-intensity exercises are the main factors. It can, however, apply to a variety of ambitions, such as a career-related goal motivated by what you believe others expect of you. 

“It’s important to set goals for yourself”. People seem to be influenced by their friends, family, and what they see in society so often, it’s important for people to set goals that are personal and unique to them. 

2. They are merely desires or dreams with no time limit: 

The New year resolution is supposed to be a well-defined target that is practically achievable. However, most of people frequently described it in such a broad way (“enjoy life more,” “learn something new”) that they don’t specify what action you should take to achieve them.  

Second, resolutions do not have to be time-specific, even if they are well defined as attainable goals. When you need to accomplish something, regardless of the season, you should make goals. Furthermore, the time it takes you to get to them can differ. Depending on the target, it could take anything from a month to two years. 

3. No proper tracking or evaluation 

You can keep track of your progress and transform excuses into opportunities with a weekly or fortnightly review. With the help of an efficient monitoring system, what gets measured gets done, and what gets done can be enhanced and made a habit. Many of the seeming roadblocks are based on assumptions, conclusions, judgments, overthinking, and previous points of reference. The establishment of resolution consistency is aided by a track record of accomplishments. 

And when you check your progress, it keeps you motivated to keep moving till your goal is achieved. 

So, now we know what holds us back from turing our NY Resolutions into reality. The next step is to know what to do to achieve your goals efficiently.  

1. First and foremost: write down your NY Resolution  

Don’t just think about your resolution — write it down. If you live by your inbox, schedule sends a January 1 New Year’s resolution email to yourself. What better way to kickstart the new year than with an email to your future self? 

If you’re not into email, Google Keep is a great way to jot down resolution ideas. If you’re on the go when inspiration strikes, you can even create a Google Keep note with your voice. 

And don’t forget a good old pen and paper. Recording something on paper is easy, and the physical movement of writing something down can make it stick in a certain way. So, write it down, literally. 

2. Create reminders next 

Changing everyday routine is the most difficult element of keeping resolutions for me. So, it is a wise decision to break down your resolution into smaller tasks and use tracking apps to track your progress. Share your progress with your friends or family to stay motivated and refine whatever you are learning. 

“Big journeys begin with small steps.” Aside from checkpoints, keep track of your progress by ticking items off a checklist. You can do this by dividing your long-term goal into short term by breaking it down in a systematic way. This means that your smaller, bite-sized agenda items will appear in your checklist or tracking app and help you stay motivated. 

Writing down your resolution on a reminder app is a good place to create a to-do list and hit your smaller target goals on your way to your resolution. You can even set up timed reminders for each of the items to make sure you achieve your goals. 

3. Satisfaction leads to positivity and motivation  

When you keep a track of your achievements it gives you a sense of satisfaction, manifesting your goals into reality motivates you to push yourself more. 

You can track your progress in a variety of places, including Keep and Google Docs, but if you want something more, try Swing2App. You can create apps with Swing2App without having to know how to code. Do you want to keep track of your training success with a customized app? Looking for a mobile journaling app? You can use one of Swing2App’s templates or create your own if you want to be more particular. 

4. Enjoy the process & reward yourself for your achievements  

It’s difficult to keep up with your goal, especially when you don’t get immediate results. So, to keep yourself motivated it becomes important to celebrate your smaller achievements along the way to reach your target. 

It’s up to you how you reward yourself – it might be a day at spa, getting out to eat at your favourite restaurant spending with friends and family – a little reward relaxes you from the pressure to achieve your target in time. Consider using apps that break things down into smaller challenges if you get bored of working toward your objective. 

So, this was all about how to achieve your new year’s resolution this year. 

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