5 types of UI in swing2app to create a no-code app

Tired of designing your own apps? Use pre-built Swing2app prototypes instead.  There are some useful tools that can be used with DIY options available for almost everything. A no-code mobile app builder based on this DIY concept has just been introduced to the mobile domain. The use of such tools is a holy grail for […]

How to convert your website into an iOS and Android app with swing2app?

Would you like to create an app for your business after you have created your website?   You’ve come to the right place!   You might have an idea of how time-consuming or expensive it might be to outsource or code a website yourself after creating one.   In addition, if you want to make an app as […]

All about Apple Developer Enterprise Program

It’s time to submit your mobile app to the Apple Store, but there are some decisions you need to make first. It is crucial to choose what developer account to open with Apple, but don’t be intimidated, it is actually extremely simple.   Below, we explain the differences between the two options, when to use them, […]

In-App Purchases on Android & iOS

In 2020 alone, $218 billion will be downloaded from mobile apps. With each passing year, the number is likely to increase.   There are several revenue generation models in 2022, but in-app purchases stand out the most. Getting a sustainable revenue source from in-app monetization requires some experimentation.    Mobile applications are dominating the market – users […]

Easy no-code app creation for students and their businesses.

Here at Swing2App, we want to make it possible for entrepreneurs to build their ideas into an app without coding, so we’re sharing a free app built by students and explaining how you can create your own no-code application as well.  Before we get to the story, let’s understand what are the difficulties faced by […]

App production with Swing2App version 3.0 is available now!

App production with Swing2App version 3.0 is available now!  Greetings to all no-code developers. We have launched the latest version of the Swing2App Maker V3.   We would like to express our gratitude to all users who have been waiting for the opening.  We have made our platform more user-friendly and added some extra features too!  In […]

How to Make Money from AdMob app integration?

Do you want to learn how to create an app for free and make money? Then you might have heard of Google AdMob too.  Basically, the AdMob is an advertising platform provided by Google that allows you to place ads in your app.  With the help of AdMob, you can make money from your app […]

Top reasons Your App Could Be Rejected by Appstore and Ways to Avoid them

If you are stressed about app store rejection, this post will help you understand what you need to do to get your app accepted in your first attempt.   There are over 2 million apps in the iOS app store, so entering such a competitive market is no easy task.  Apple reports that 88% of those […]

How to Convert a WordPress Site into a Mobile App

What is the best way to convert your WordPress site into a mobile app?    Apps make it easier to deliver content to your audience and offer a better mobile experience. By using an app, you can increase engagement and reach new audiences.   This article will show you how to convert your WordPress site into a […]

How to Make Money Blogging in 2022: The Complete Guide for beginners

Can you earn from blogging?  How can you make money from blogging?  How much can I earn from blogging?  What should I blog about to make money from a blogging website?  If you are thinking about any of the above questions, you have come to the right place. In this complete guide to making money […]