How can swing2app can give you long term advantage that other company’s or freelancers developer can’t?

Are you thinking of developing a web app or mobile app but do not have the resources to get it done? Do you plan to hire a company or freelancer to develop your app? Having trouble choosing the right mobile or web app developer? You’ve come to the right place if you are trying to […]


The common method for finding and installing iOS or Android apps — via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store — is now well known to everyone. Apps published on the App Store and Play Store are publicly available, meaning anyone can find and install your app on their device.   As developers have become […]

Why should you convert your blog website into a blog app?

HOW WILL A BLOG APP HELP YOUR BUSINESS IF YOU ARE AN ASPIRING BLOGGER? IS BETTER TO HAVE AN APP FOR YOUR BLOGS OR ONLINE WEBSITES ARE ENOUGH?  A blog reader wants to be able to access content easily. Smartphone users are growing tired of sitting in front of a computer, entering a website, and […]


AdMob is Google’s advertising platform particularly created for mobile apps. By displaying targeted advertisements that meet your defined criteria, AdMob enables you to monetize your apps. So, if you’ve created an Android app and are looking to monetize your app, I’ll show you how to add several ad formats to your apps in this post.  […]


Most businesses understand how important it is to develop apps. It’s not realistic for everyone to wait a year or more for the launch of their mobile app.   In some cases, businesses must launch apps quickly in order to take advantage of opportunities. Businesses are increasingly using their own apps to increase sales or to […]

How to set up Google PlayStore Alpha Testing

Alpha testing an app means distributing the app to a controlled group of users not related to the app’s development.  Google PlayStore Alpha /Closed testing tracks where you can run alpha tests for your Android app. Typically, each type of testing in PlayStore has a track; a track can have multiple releases for different versions […]

Difference Between UX vs. UI Design?

It’s common to use UX and UI interchangeably, but these terms have very different meanings. How do they differ?   The differences between user experience and user interface can be confusing to people who have never worked with design and development. Therefore, they lump all the visual elements of their design together instead.   User interfaces (UIs) […]

How to build a no-code app in different languages?

When you work for a mobile app development agency, you may work on apps in different languages, for clients based around the globe. The benefits and learning opportunities are many when you’re a no-code developer – but it’s not without its challenges, too!   A Swing2App no-code app developer can develop apps in any language, and […]

The new features in the iPhone 14 line-up and differences

Apple has released the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. This year, Apple launched the same number of iPhones as last year and the year before. Due to Apple’s decision to name this year’s iPhones differently and their differing features, the iPhone line-up is more confusing than ever before.   Among the brand-new iPhones, there […]

How to use Android 12, Migration of our Android Apps to Android12 (API 31)

A few months back in 2022 Google Playstore announce to Android DeveloperS that all of apps that service on Google Play Store must update the Android app’s Target API Level 30 to 31.  If you don’t update Target API app may refuse to update.  New Apps on Google Play: Starting from August 2022.  App Update: […]