Google Ads: The Best Choice For Your App Campaign

Did you know using online ads increases brand awareness by a staggering 80%?  And that Google owns 73% of the paid search market share?   Also, 65% of small and midsized organizations make sure to have an effective PPC campaign (pay-per-click)?  All these statistics point towards one thing and the one thing only – The increasing influence of online advertisement.  Google Ads […]

iOS Vs Android: Which Is Suitable For Your First App?

Android and iOS are not just the trendsetters in the mobile domain, they are the biggest rivals as well. Both the platforms are two poles apart in features and characteristics.   This begs us the question of what platform should a startup or SMEs choose for their first app if they can’t afford native app development for both […]

How to launch your app globally

Most forward-thinking businesses are looking for top mobile app production companies to remain competitive in a cut-throat environment due to the growing demand for applications.  In order to compete better, every enterprise is implementing new innovations. Hence, it is not the only thing that you can do to deliver an app to make substantial money. There […]

Essential features that your e-commerce app should have

In recent years, the mobile e-Commerce revolution has contributed to the emergence of smartphone applications and websites. Using a smartphone app, our consumers have been much more relaxed shopping than a website. Giant e-commerce firms are also focused on optimizing end-user experience on mobile devices, offering a powerful technological infrastructure by cutting-edge mobile apps.  59 […]

How to make money with your free app?

You have to make a critical decision after the product creation process has finished before you make it available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Will you charge consumers for installing your app or provide it for free? The common misconception is that the only way to generate returns from your app […]

How to determine if your App idea will work?

“Calm app was valued at $2 billion in Dec 2020” “ByteDance investors have valued TikTok in its own right at around $50 billion” “In October 2020, Zoom‘s market cap crossed $140 billion” Headlines such as these are making more and more entrepreneurs enter the mobile app domain with a unique app idea to try their […]

Why does your website need Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)?

It is well known that the user interface is one the most important aspects of any website. A good interface keeps the user engaged and provides a unique and satisfactory consumer experience. Moreover, since mobile users are increasing at an astonishing rate, the need for a more productive and smooth functioning website is more important […]

Creating survey for your app

A critical part of product management is consumer analysis. You need to be eager to understand to the target customers and learn first-hand about their expectations and requirements if you want to move the idea to the next level. User reviews will help enhance the precision of your decision-making, when you aim to build a […]

Why Mobile App Payments Are A Must-have In Your Business App

When everything is moving digital, why shouldn’t payments? As more and more businesses are opting for mobility solutions, it only makes sense to move your payment gateways to mobile apps. Mobile app payment methods are gaining traction for a lot of reasons these past years. The ease of completing traction with a few clicks facilitates […]

How Your Small Scale Business Can Profit From Mobile Apps?

Let’s get it straight, we all know that mobile apps are way ahead in the game than websites. Irrespective of the industry type or scale of business, the former has become a crucial player. We already know why big companies like Starbucks, Airbnb, Amazon hail the mobile apps, but it is interesting to evaluate why […]