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Increase your reach

This is the ERA of Mobile. A mobile app gives you the option to reach more audiences.

Support all platforms

We accept and support all websites platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Progressive web apps, HTML5 games, PHP, Wix, MySql, etc.

Push Notification

Send automated push notifications to your users and update about latest offers, products and services.

Android and iOS Support

You can publish your website into an Android and iOS version and upload on Play Store and App Store, where more users can find you and your visibility will increase.

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Why should you turn your website into a native mobile app? 

These are just a few questions that you would come across on the internet while searching on this topic.  If you are business with a website and want to get ahead of the competition by expanding the horizon of opportunities, i.e., by converting your website into an app, you have landed at the right place.  

Although, as much as we would like to give you a one-word answer, we shouldn’t. It would be more beneficial if you know everything from North to South pole of why and how to turn a web into an app.

Statistics: A proof of the rising popularity of mobile apps

Did you know that industry giants, such as Airbnb and Dropbox started out with a website and then expanded their platform to mobile applications? What could be the reason for driving them to make such a crucial decision? The answer is obvious – the incessantly globally growing demand for mobile apps. According to the reports of Bankmycell, as of May 2020, there are 3.50 billion smartphone users globally. As for the mobile applications, according to Statista, as of May, there are approximately 2.56 million apps on Google Play Store and 1.85 million apps on the App Store. 

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Besides, 2% of mobile app users open an app over 100 times a day. Meanwhile, the total time spent on mobile devices is approximately 3 hours 35 minutes, as compared to 13 minutes (on average) on mobile websites. A number that is predicted to significantly drop to 12 minutes in 2020, according to eMarketer.

In fact, reports from CBRE predicted that by the year 2021, worldwide M-commerce sales would consist of 53.9% of all e-commerce sales. 

Sans doubt, these mobile app statistics are a true representation of the ascending demand and need for mobile apps by users.  

Why convert a website into an Android or iOS mobile app?

From the above statistics, it is quite clear how mobile applications are dominating the market as well as the day-to-day lives of users. Now, this is a mere tip of the iceberg. So, we will look into more reasons advocating why turning a website into an app is a decision worth the efforts.

App stores are platforms to grab most eyes

Both the Android and iOS platforms own most of the market share globally in the app market. Meaning, publishing your website on either of these platforms will prove to be jack’s beans for you. 

Publishing your application on these stores will gain instant visibility that will help you attract new potential loyal users. The categories feature in these app stores is an effective way for users of your targeted niche to come across your app. 

This is a key benefit of mobile applications that enabled many businesses to climb the ladder to success in the nick of time.

Push notifications to increase engagement

Unlike a website, once a user downloads an app, it is constantly under their radar of attention. With just a little help from an impeccable push notification strategy, you can easily retain your loyal customer base by becoming a part of their daily experience. 

With a custom mobile application, the owner can send personalized push notifications to the app users to attract their attention to the app. Moreover, by using rewards, and referral programs, you can access a wide pool of potential customers with your website-turned-Android/iOS app, depending on which platform you are primarily targeting.

You can use these personal push notifications to notify users oimportant information and increase user engagement. 

Beat the competition with an edge 

If your competitors are still stuck on websites, you should take advantage of being a pioneer, since they would also follow the trend anyway sooner or later. Therefore, you might as well become the first to take advantage.  

With a mobile application, you will be more approachable and a suitable choice for users as compared to your contenders.

Moreover, millennials and generation Z are more likely to support brands that offer services in accordance with next-gen technologies.  

How to create mobile from website using Swing2App web app converter?

The answer to the question of to create app for your website is the Swing2App platform.

Here are a few features that our platform offers.

No-code rule

Swing2app website to mobile app converter is known for its “no code, no-hassle” feature. You only need to follow a few simple steps and your ideal mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms is just a few clicks away.

Push notifications 

When you convert your website into a mobile app with the Swing2app platform, you the push notifications functionality that will help you reach your users and offer a personalized experience.

One-Touch Functionality

This feature is a great way for your users to connect with you in the minimal steps possible. They are only required to click on a button, email, SMS, or an external link.


Now, you can have insights into user behaviour and preferences by analyzing the data procured by your mobile app. This is a great business strategy to offer more personalized services as well as marketing.

Discount and referral campaigns

Tap into a new pool of potential customers by offering referral rewards, while rewarding your loyal customers with innovative deals.

See how to convert your website into a fully functional mobile app.

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Why Swing2App is ideal to convert a website into an app? 

There is a myriad of website converter platforms in the market, but very few are considered up to the mark or deliver the services they proffer to give.

Swing2App is a trusted platform with 46k+ apps developed. Additionally, it is more pocket-friendly, hence a choice of many entrepreneurs. It is a “Zero code, full functionality” platform where you can develop mobile applications from scratch for both Android and iOS platform.

Some of the other services it offers are design and branding, easy-to-edit content, support for both iOS and Android OS, and many application managements tools to render impeccable mobile apps.

The platform offers customization of mobile applications at nominal and competitive prices, without compromising the quality of services. Hence, you can add more personalized features to your mobile app and turn it into a money-magnet.

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