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See How to Create an App without Coding

Developing mobile app has been easy like 1.. 2.. 3...

It really was a dream to develop an unrivaled mobile application with the time-to-market shortened to a few days. It would have taken months and hundreds of dollars to finally publish an app on the app stores. Thankfully, such is not the case anymore. Swing2App app builder platform was precisely created to combat this very specific problem and offer free solutions to businesses and entrepreneurs looking to enter the app domain. With no coding skills or technical knowledge, you can create your own app with multiple features that ultimately make your app a money-magnet. If you are hesitant and confused regarding how to create an app from scratch and make money from it, you need not be since this article is written in a detailed manner and offers all the help you need to get started with your own app creation with Swing2App. Shall we begin with the prerequisites? Definitely.

Prerequisites of Building an App without Coding

Before we directly dive into discussing the actual steps to creating an Android and iOS app online, let’s briefly discuss the indispensable prerequisites of the process.

“If you plan to fail, you are planning to fail” ― Benjamin Franklin

Planning is one of the rudimentary steps in every process basically, and it is applicable in this process as well. The effectiveness of any business proposition depends on how well it was planned. So, what are the things you should keep in mind while planning?

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    Market Research

    It is a given that the app domain is ripe with thousands of mobile apps coming in every hour. Here, market research will help you analyze the trends that are going on and what things users are striving for and what they are repelled by. Once you understand the user behavior and their needs, you will be able to cash on new opportunities.

    Develop on your app idea

    Until your app idea is straight out of Pandora’s box, somebody has already thought of it and probably is cashing on it too. Nevertheless, with your in-depth market research you can identify the factors they are missing and plan strategies around how you can incorporate them into your app before you look for the answer to “How to create an app from scratch”.

    1. Come Up With A Catchy App Name and Icon

    What’s in the name? Well, literally everything. This is the very first thing that introduces your app and brand to the users. If you fail to nail your first impression, you have definitely lost a potential user. So, if you already have a well-established business, you should go with that name since it will help users connect your app with your brand in an instant. But if you are just starting out, you can go all out with your creative horses and come up with something impactful.

    We have a few tips up our sleeves that might help you come up with a name that is spot on for your app. They are:

      • The name should resonate and convey the values and brand image of your business or brand.
      • It should be catchy, easy to remember, and also pronounce.
      • Do not forget to keep the personality and traits of your demographics in mind but not limit to the local and aim for global appeal.
      • Do not engage with jargons.

    Coming to the app icon and splash screen (Idle Screen), they play just an as crucial role as the name of the app. Since this is one of those first things that introduces your app to the users. For this purpose, you can always use your existing brand logo if your business is established otherwise, let your creative juices flow and design a remarkable logo that creates an impression in the minds of users.

    Once you are set, you can simply mention the name of your app in the given field on the Swing2App platform along with other necessary information under the App Basics tab and move on to the next step.


    2. Design Your App

    Design is simply not just about aesthetics, Period. It is also about the functionality and ultimately boils down to user experience. If your app is not capable of optimizing user experience, the whole point of developing one is lost. Why? Well, if you cannot retain the users that come to use your app, there isn’t any future for your app where it will become profitable. Thus, the things that you should be keeping in mind at this stage are – app layout, app skin (theme), colors, background, and app icon you use.

    App prototype: This is the designing part where you can give features to your mobile app. You can decide on the type of menu your app will have from Slide Menu, Top Menu, Footer Menu, Drop-down Box Menu, and Drop-down List Menu. Each of the menus is ideal for one or the other type of app. The choice depends on what kind of users’ demographic you are targeting and which menu design will help you deliver the impeccable user experience. You can refer to the video to know how you can customize the menu.

    App Skin: Similar to the app name, the color you select for your app is also going to represent your brand image. In the case of already established brands, it is advised to go with the brand colors, since it helps users in connecting your mobile app with your brand and create a wholesome experience.

    As for the entrants, you can always experiment in deciding which color combination, pallet, and theme best represents your vision for your app. Moreover, there are a few factors that play a big hand in rendering the best choice of color options for your app including – product line or USPs (for established businesses) and targeted user demographic and user persona (something which you will be able to figure out during your market research.

    3. Select The Page Menu

    Page Menu is the stage where you can add different functionalities into your app, relevant to its category. It is packed with numerous functions namely, Attachments, Web Link, Swing2App page, Product Category, Bulletin Board, Image, and User’s page which you can also learn how to create via our detailed video.

    All these functions are free when you create an app without coding or make an app for iPhone or Android on Swing2App. This is what gives definition to your mobile app and turns it into an app with a soul instead of just a prototype or wireframe. You can select menu icons from a plethora of options provided to you on the platform and add more categories as well.

    4. Add features that make your app more than a one-tap wonder

    Well, well, it all boils down and comes to the features that an app possesses. Think, would you want to use an app that is really amazing in looks, has a great name, commendable user experience but not many features, let alone relevant to begin with? Isn’t the whole point of an app is to have enough features to justify its existence and why should users download it in the first place.

    So you know now how crucial role features play in an app, right? To that end, let us familiarize you with some of the most popular and extremely useful features provided by Swing2App that save your app from the fate of being ditched like a hot potato.

    Event Management

    If your business deals with hosting events on a daily basis, say preparing for seminars, conferences, etc. every minute details can make or break the effectiveness of your organizing process. Hence, an app that can record and manage your events information that you can also circulate among your team members, is incredibly helpful.

    Not just for your business, you can also create such an app for users to try.
    Swing2App offers events features in its mobile apps where you can add this functionality coupled with push notifications feature to get the most out of your app. Don’t know how to add push notifications? Go through our thorough video on how to do it.

    Restaurant Management

    Be it an app offering delivery service, an on-table service, or a reservation app, it is crucial to have an app for your restaurant business since there are a plethora of benefits it offers in return. You can add the Maps feature if it is a delivery or a restaurant locator app, integrate blog features to provide relevant information to the users, and coupons to promote your deals and offers to drive in more customers and profits. It all fits perfectly into the apps made via Swing2App with the restaurant app feature.

    App Directory

    Gone are the days when the directory was supposed to be a book where we would happily waste our precious minutes searching for something relevant. With this feature coupled with the One-touch functionality, Swing2App answers all your prayers related to how to create an app without code that can create listings of specific business categories with the help of geolocation to expand the limit of exposure.

    App owners with this feature can partner with local businesses to put them on the listing on the app and earn a commission in return.

    Blog Posting

    If you already have a blogging website (or not) and want to take your business further to the mobile platform, then you have landed at the right place. Swing2App app builder platform offers blog functionality in its Android and iOS apps where you can provide all the information and showcase your talent in a streamlined way which is also convenient for the users. Instead of visiting a website every time, they can simply open your app and get access to all your new publications.

    Moreover, instead of relying on newsletters, you can incorporate push notifications and pop-up features in your app to instantly and actively remind users of the updates. Know how to create pop-ups in an app with this video.

    Messenger and Chat

    Another great feature that will definitely increase your app retention rate and user engagement, the in-app chat feature is a necessary feature to add to your app. It allows users to chat from within your app.

    However, you can totally build a separate messenger mobile app if that’s something your business model can benefit from. It would include photos, videos, and file sharing that will make it a whole package deal for users.


    If you are planning to develop a mobile application that offers transportation services, or anything that requires location assistance in one way or the other, it would do good for your app if you add Maps functionality in your app. This way, you will be able to avoid users leaving your app to use another app that has the map feature in it.


    Education is no more limited to classrooms and blackboards. The wave of digitization has also swept the education sector for the better. You can also create a mobile educational application offering features such as a dictionary, video lectures, and other study material that can easily be accessed via the app.

    In fact, this feature is perfect for institutions that want to streamline their services and offer all the information and data to their students in one place.

    News and publishing

    If you are into the media and publishing industry, you know how important it is to stay with the trend and relevant. Although websites do a good job of spreading your publishing about the latest news and in-trend topics, wouldn’t it better if you can approach your users and keep them updated on the new content as you post it?

    A mobile app with this feature is just what you need. Moreover, this section is also incredible to be used for promoting the PR of your business, irrespective of its domain. In fact, you can also perform surveys on your app with the Survey feature offered by Swing2App. Let’s have a look at this video to know how to do so.


    Coupons are so in right now. They are a great source to encourage customers to use your app more frequently. Via this feature, you will be able to generate coupon codes that will allow you to promote your offers and bring in more customer engagement and potential users. These are used by many renowned brands with their own mobile apps to promote certain deals and offers via social media platforms.

    Raise and Donate

    You do not need coding skills to do a good deed, you can always rely on Swing2App to take charge of all things technical and help you make an application with the features that support the activities such as raising and donating funds. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you have a news app or social media app, you can easily add this feature when the need arises and remove it after its purpose is fulfilled. Isn’t it convenient?

    Social Media

    Since social media applications are huge on bagging the attention of users, why don’t you create a mobile app with all the prominent features of a social media app with Swing2App? You can create an app that will allow users to post videos, photos, and other forms of media and share it globally within their network.

    You can definitely add your customized features that make it different from the rest. Coupled with other features such as push notifications, it would render great results.


    If your business is more health-centric then having an app that covers everything health-related is imperative. With this ability and feature, you can develop an Android or iOS app with Swing2App for free and incorporate information such as training routine, diet plans, and whatnot.

    You can also incorporate another feature – blog into your app to further provide relevant information to the app users.

    Community apps

    With dedicated community apps, no one would wither away from their faith. There are many religious institutions that use this feature and develop mobile applications on which they can update daily sermons and information about events taking place in the community such as fundraising, etc. Coupled with other features like News and Events, everything will be streamlined.

    5. Choose The Platform of Preference

    Now that you are done with sculpting your vision into the shape of a remarkable mobile app, you need to test it now before you publish your app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can easily get access to your fresh-out-of-the-oven mobile app once you choose the “App creation Request” option once done with designing the app.

    The creation request may take a couple of minutes. Then, you can easily choose whether you want to download the APK file for Android. You can either click on the ‘Get APK’ option provided on the screen or simply navigate to your email. There you will find a download link and also the option to switch to the commercial app for its store registration. This will also allow you to add even more advanced features into your app.

    6. It’s Testing Time

    Once, you install your desired version of the Android or iOS app, you need to test, test, and yes, test it. This is to make sure that your app does not slack off in any necessary features or is housing bugs and other issues at the time of publishing. Uploading your app on any app store with issues and bugs would be a grave mistake since it can get rejected in a glance.

    It has to be flawless in order to get approved at once. You can install your app on multiple devices to check whether there are any issues because of fragmentation or not since problems such as these can cause crashes, which is not a favorable situation for your app.

    There are two major types of testing – Alpha testing and Beta testing. The former one is a simulated or sometimes actual operational testing done by potential app users or independent testers. The latter comprises a process in which beta versions of an app are released for a limited set of audiences in order to obtain relevant feedback. Now, based on the preferred method, you need to work on the issues that you procured.

    {Did you just get rejected by Google? Learn everything from “Why” to “How to resolve it” here}

    7. Publish your app

    This is the stage that comes after “How to make an app for free”. Once you have made sure that your app has all the necessary features and that it is absolutely bugs and issues free, you can think of publishing your app on the app stores.

    The process is more or less easy, given from where you choose to look for instructions. You can refer to our detailed article on How to publish your Android app on Google Play Store and how to upload your iOS app on the App Store. In fact, you can directly publish your app on Google Play Store from the Swing2App Platform by paying a one-time processing fee charged by Google. Refer to our video which would definitely save you a lot of confusion and trouble.

    8. Remember 3Ps – Promote, Promote, And Promote

    Once you have cleared the threshold of “How to make an app”, it is time you look forward to the “how to create an app and make money” part. Mobile apps definitely lead to a surge in business profits but there is a catch. How would your app become a money-magnet when your potential users do not know about it? Your app would end up with a sad fate this way. To ensure that the app you made for iPhone gets proper exposure, you need to explicitly promote your app.

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    Digital marketing is the new black marketing. With effective marketing strategies consisting of robust SEO and ASO, you can easily make your app a global phenomenon and reach a wider and larger pool of audience and potential users.

    9. Ask your users for feedback

    Feedback is the food of your efforts. You know you are progressing if the relevant feedback comes rushing in. If users are actively using your app, they would definitely offer their genuine feedback whether you ask or not. So what better way to utilize this tool than in your own way?

    Instead of merely asking users whether they like the app or not, ask them the question – “How are they using the app”. It is because when you understand the how and the ways in which users use your app, you will be better equipped in offering exactly what is missing and what users are demanding.

    Also, do not forget to utilize the user data accumulated by your app. You can access the analytics from the admin panel of the app on the dashboard.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When you go with hiring mobile app development companies or even freelancers, the costs can cut a hole in your pocket draining all the investments; we are talking about thousands of dollars here. Whereas, with an app creation platform like Swing2App, you can create an app for free with many utilitarian and relevant features as per your needs. Moreover, you can choose your plan from a variety of selections if you think of upgrading your subscription plan.

    Your mobile app for your business can also become your Midas touch if you know how to utilize its potential. Refer to our detailed article “How mobile apps can lead to a surge in business profits?” to know everything there is to know about mobile apps and making money from them.

    If you have asked this question a few years back, it would have seemed preposterous. However, these are different times. Swing2App app builder is a platform that allows users to apply the ‘DIY’ concept to app development as well, that too for free. So, if you do not have any knowledge of technical know-how of making an app then you can refer to our guide “How to make an app for Android and iOS for free with Swing2App” to develop a mobile app or better yet, see the video and learn within minutes.

    Generally, developing an Android or iOS app can take months, hence increasing the time to market. Whereas Swing2App lets you create fully-functional applications that need only a few minutes and reduce the time to market by multi-folds. So if you are someone with an idea straight out of Pandora’s box, then do not risk it by increasing your time-to-market and create an app instantly to grab the advantages of being a pioneer.