Why Push Notifications Are Important for Your Mobile App?

Customer engagement is witnessing a noticeable decline in its trajectory of popularity. One of the speculated reasons behind this is the changing attitude of customers and the inability of brands to capture it. Once the underdog is now ruling the principles of customer engagement. In a report, it was mentioned that 87% of marketers report […]

How to Turn Website to Mobile App with push notification?

Mobile apps global dominance and prominence are not to be questioned, especially after the blow of pandemic. If there hadn’t been a golden period of mobile apps, then the COVID-19 times had to be it. Because the world went under complete lockdown, people shifted to mobile apps more and more. Applications like Zoom, Calm, and […]

No-code App Development Vs. Traditional App Development: Which is the future?

Traditional app development has been holding the strings of this domain for far too long already. And as time went by, we started to see through the cracks how unfulfilling the old way of doing things was becoming.  According to the Gartner report of 2017, the market demand for app development was supposed to grow at […]

What Should Entrepreneurs Expect From App Builder Platforms?

The humans’ need to innovate and keep on improving has led us to achieve the unimaginable. The world is at the fingertips now. You can do almost everything with the help of smartphones, the internet, and mobile apps. From on-demand services to almost everything, there is a mobile app available. Entrepreneurs are becoming more aware […]

Mobile App Development: How to develop an effective mobile app in 2021?

Ever since the inception of mobile apps, the industry has seen immense growth in large and small organizations driving towards capturing the mobile platform. Now that the users have been exposed to the instantaneousness, the need for real-time and on-demand services at the tip of the fingertips has become a norm. To meet the demand […]

How to start a Mobile App Development Company with low or zero Investment?

It’s a paradox how the world without digitization was simpler but difficult at the same time. Doing things manually was not a piece of candy. Now, with the advancements in technology like mobile apps, things are simpler than ever, i.e., at your fingertips, literally. There are hundreds of apps for every purpose and thing. Because […]

How to Publish Your App on Google Play Store?

It is no news that Google Play Store holds a majority share for the app market. To be precise, it amounts to 86.1% according to IDC. So, if you are someone who has made a wise decision to create an Android supporting their business model, then you are on the right track. You can easily […]

Earn Money from Android Apps using AdMob – Ads Explained

There was a time when even the idea of earning money with a free app seemed preposterous, just like AI devices, touchscreen Smartphones, to name a few.   With time, many app monetization strategies came to existence and changed the way free apps were considered by businesses and developers.   Sans doubt, in-app advertising is one of […]

Apple iOS 14: Check all these new features

Moving beyond the rollercoaster of excitement Apple has been in for the last few weeks. On June 22, 2020, Apple previewed iOS 14 for the first time. iOS 14 release date Official release likely in September Apple previewed iOS 14 during its online Worldwide Developers Conference(WWDC) in late June. iOS 14 new features  These are the […]

10 Reasons your restaurant business need a mobile app to grow?

If we ask you to name one industry that hardly goes bust, what would it be? – Crude oil industry? Retail? E-commerce? Hospitality services?   No.   Food. It is the most underrated and overrated thing among all. The food or restaurant industry is one of the booming industries that hardly suffer the slaps of recession or […]