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If we are to summarize the story of the Swing2App platform, then “Innovation is born out of a need” is fitting.  

Before Swing2App 

Being an entrepreneur of an app development company before, the CEO and Chief developer of Swing2App, Justin Kim, observed pitfalls in the app development niche. The clients he partnered with needed mobile applications for the Google Play Store and the App Store. However, they often went short on funds or came with little to no flexibility for time-to-market. 

The need for real-time app creation services at minimal prices for such small businesses was quite prevalent and Justin identified a whole niche to be targeted. 

Enter Swing2App. 

And now… 

Swing2App offers free app creation services to entrepreneurs looking to get blessed with the power mobile apps have to offer. Swing2App allows them to create their own app for free, without the knowledge about coding/other IT skills at all or having to hire a team of developers. 

Swing2App is a true rendition of ‘Do It Yourself’ since anyone can create their own app and convert their existing website into an impeccable mobile application. 

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Trust – The Fuel of Swing2App’s engine?

Unlike other companies who revel in and focus only on numbers, we are motivated by the trust of the users in Swing2App. The diversity of thousands of mobile applications created on the Swing2App platform by the people, for the people is an incentive in itself.

Seeing people with their unique vision and ideas curating their own mobile applications on Swing2App is a gigantic source of motivation – a fuel empowering us to keep improving and innovating new services.


Backing businesses to expand their reach in real-time

Swing2App creation platform aims to offer exemplary services to enable everyone curate an app in a few simple steps. From backend to frontend taken care of, we help businesses land with an exemplary app in the market in the nick of time.

With the digital being the new black, Swing2App is adamant on ensuring small and mid-sized businesses have the means and opportunity to incorporate mobile services in their business model – a surefire way to success.


Going global to extend the trajectory of success

Since 2012, Swing2App has been striving to help 10 million people become their own developers. We have started our global operations from 2020 to achieve our milestones.

After bagging the reputation of being the best of its kind in South Korea, Swing2App aims at extending its helping hand to the businesses beyond boundaries. It wants to offer a place where entrepreneurs spread globally can themselves cook the recipe for their success.

Mastermind behind Swing2App

Justin Kim put Swing2App on the map back in 2012. He embarked upon this journey in South Korea with a team of 6 student developers.

The first-ever project he started with was a prototype of a web-to-native app model. Since then he, with his team, has developed hundreds of prototypes and simultaneously worked on improving the services.

In his own words ―

“If I am a developer, then so are you. You need nothing but your intuitive and creative app idea coupled with Swing2App to create the app your business deserves. So, let’s start together and give shape to your vision.”

Some proud achievements

With years of expertise and devoted efforts, the Swing2App platform has procured thousands of customers that have successfully developed applications in a matter of minutes.


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