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Separate Apps

Easy to use, separate app for Restaurant owner and customers.

Order Management

Easily manage orders and status. Get real-time insights. Option for doorstep delivery and takeaway.


Accept online payments with PayPal, Credit card, Debit Card, Stripe, & COD.

Loyalty Program

Run Loyalty Programs for your regular customers and convert them as your regular customers.

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We have created ready to launch restaurant mobile app for you!

Developing mobile app has been easy like 1..2..3...

Why App?

As per research approx. 5.5 billion people us smartphones. Being a business owner you must change your business strategy as per trends. And now trends indicated that you must switch your business on Mobile.

And now its time to build your app for restaurant. We at Swing2App got a ready to easy solution for you, packed with all features Restaurants must have.

How to develop a mobile app for a restaurant for free?

From chasing restaurant pamphlets to waiting in long queues just to have your favorite pizza or a satisfactory meal, things have turned out to be better now. And this transformation, for the major part, is owed to the remarkable and popular apps brought to us by restaurant mobile app developers. Now, we can order online, make reservations at our favorite and always crowded restaurants, and pay via multiple options.

For the entrepreneurs looking to enter the app arena, it is crucial to know all the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ before making any commitments.

Plus, in the precarious time of the pandemic, it is not any speculation that food delivery apps are going towards a big demand graph – something you can hugely benefit from if you develop a custom restaurant app as soon as possible. You can achieve this easily with platforms like Swing2App.

So, let’s start with the basics.

What are restaurant mobile apps? 

Well, although you might already be knowing the basics, it won’t hurt to go through with it. Restaurant mobile applications are software, engineered to provide on-demand services and other facilities to the users.   

They pose as a perfect medium to stay connected to users, all the while employing different strategies to bring business to the app by encouraging users to use it. 

As an entrepreneur, you must be eager to see the already all-successful use cases you can follow the footprints. So, let’s have a brief introduction with renowned brands that totally changed the market scenario with their app game. 

Appset image
Appset image

Top restaurant apps use cases  

Domino’s Pizza 

Their application is as loved by people as their pizzas. It possesses features such as online payment through multiple gateways, location tracking, and of course, choose and order online. 

Along with these prominent functionalities, other features refer to food customization, push notifications, discount coupons applications, among others. What’s even more convincing is the fact that according to Domino’s fiscal report:

Emphasis on technology innovation helped Domino’s achieve more than half of all global retail sales in 2019 from digital channels, primarily online ordering and mobile applications. 


Chipotle is yet another famous food outlet in the US. The brand has been driving more sales every day with its own restaurant food ordering mobile app. In fact, as per some reports, the company employed a loyalty program that resultantly increased app downloads, and eventually the sales. 


A name that is always on social media feeds every morning, Starbucks is bagging big with its highly popular and successful mobile app. It is known to be a user-friendly mobile app and poses as the finest marketing example through customer engagement. Some of its celebrated features include music playlists that can be played from the user’s playlist in any Starbucks outlet, in-app menu, online order and pay, to name a few. 

Types of restaurant apps

As you might have speculated, there are numerous types of applications in the restaurant niche. So, we will discuss each one, in brief, to get crystal clear on the concept.

Reservation apps 

Now customers do not wait in queue, they reserve their slots and visit on the reserved time. Now, making a reservation is literally at the fingertips and it is becoming popular feature for Restaurants 

On-table restaurant order taking and pay apps 

Isn’t the fact that you do not have to stand in line to order any more great news? Yes, you can just order on the app and pay while waiting on your seat.

Locator apps 

Locato APPs helps people navigate to the nearest restaurant serving their preferred cuisine. All this is owed to the geofencing technology. In addition, some applications also keep the record of orders and later use them as recommendations.

Restaurant online ordering and delivery apps  

This category is probably the one of the most popular ones. Customers need services and goods in real-time, so what is better than an app that is available in their smartphone 24×7. One of the most obvious and previously discussed apps is Domino’s Pizza app.

Loyalty program apps 

A name that immediately strikes for this category is Starbucks. The company identified the power of customer retention by employing loyalty programs offering amazing deals. This eventually skyrocketed the annual sales of the brand. 

Why do you need a restaurant app?

It is crucial for you as an entrepreneur to know all the facets of mobile app development for restaurants. This is why we are going to look into some of the benefits of custom restaurant menu/order taking apps.

Location-targeted marketing

We always love to buy from our local shops and eat at our favorite Restaurants. Location-based marketing is another innovative way in which brands are connecting with their users. Upon opening one such app, you’ll see them promoting their new products, without investing any more money than they used to in its marketing.

User engagement via loyalty programs

Encouraging more and more new users to join your restaurant app is the end goal, it wouldn’t be wise to slide the retention strategy to the back seat. Employing features like push notifications and other loyalty programs in your app wields the power to provide much higher ROI.

Helps serve a greater pool of customers

Besides outlets, a whole pool of users is waiting for you to take the order and provide doorstep delivery. With food ordering apps for restaurants, it comes streamlined to track orders and expand the reach of the user base. The convenience provided by the restaurant menu apps triggers more orders (as seen in the graph above as well) and sales, eventually increasing the profits of the company.

Easy to analyze user behavior pattern

With all the data obtained by the restaurant mobile application, you can analyze and profit from all the hidden and important data about your customers. Something that eventually helps in identifying where a brand needs to focus to procure more profit.

Must-have features of restaurant apps

Features are like the soul when it comes to mobile app development for restaurants or any app for that matter. So, let’s have a look at the most basic yet prominent features of restaurant mobile apps.

User Panel
  • Simplified menu

    An app must have a clear and simple menu with all the necessary information related to the products offered by the restaurant, along with all the combos, discounts, etc.

  • Push notifications

    Push notifications are known to increase the user retention rate, so they are a must-have for any app, including all types of restaurant apps.

  • Order and reservation

    Integrating the features such as pre-ordering, ordering online, and also making reservations are the most popular and sought after features.

  • Multiple payment options

    Multiple payment options enable users to pay via online mode, bank, and cash on delivery.

User Panel
  • Discount programs

    As mentioned before, to retain the loyal customer base, and also to encourage and motivate new users, features such as discounts and loyalty programs always tend to flatten the curve to higher profits.

  • History

    History allows users to visit the past payment and order history, a feature that is quite appreciated.

  • Social media integration

    Another great marketing strategy is incorporating social media integration into the restaurant mobile applications.

  • Favorite Food

    Users will have an option to check the menu and mark their favorite food. Which they can order later. Favorite food list will save into their profile.

Must-have Restaurant owner features in restaurant apps

Admin Panel
  • Registration

    Just like user log in, admin also needs to register into the application. So, this feature is to facilitate that process.

  • Dashboard

    In the admin panel, the admin can easily manage all the orders and also supervise the functioning of the whole process.

  • Assigning orders

    With the help of this functionality, restaurants accessing the admin panel can manage their delivery process easily.

  • Analytics

    This features displays all the relevant statistical data about the profits made, daily earning, daily delivered orders, and so on.

  • Discounts, deals, and loyalty programs

    From this section, the admin can easily manage all the deals, offers, and loyalty programs active on the mobile app.

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Step-by-step guide for creating a restaurant mobile app with Swing2app

In times like this, where timing is money and determines the success of any business, losing time in hiring a mobile app development company that would take months to provide you the final product is not something you can afford. 

This is why choosing a mobile app builder platform like Swing2app for your restaurant app development is your fastest way to success. Let’s see how to make an app like Domino’s pizza in just a few steps. 

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Step 1  

  • You need to go to the Swing2app website and sign up. 
  • Next, you need to log in using the same credentials. 

Step 2  

  • On the dashboard screen, navigate to the top left corner and click on “Maker V2”. 
  • Then, you will be asked to mention – App ID, App Name, App Icon, and Idle Screen. 
  • Click on the Next to move forward. 

Step 3  

  • Now, you need to select the prototype including options like Slide menu, top menu, footer menu, drop-down list, drop-down box, push-only, web view only. 
  • The next step is to select the ‘Skin’ type. You can also adjust the color setting there. 
  • Select ‘App Main Design Style’ and ‘App navigation style’.  
  • Choose registered background images and press “Next” 

 Step 4 

  • This is the “Page Menu” module where you can customize it according to your choice. 
  • Once you are done with this, you must select ‘Apply’ and then ‘Save’. 
  • After this, you are required to click on the “App creation request” in the bottom right corner. This will send a request for app creation to our developers. 

Step 5 

  • You can download the app APK after five minutes of requesting. 
  • Now, all there is left to do is check how the app is performing overall. 
  • You can then apply on both Google Play Store and App Store to get it published.   

See, how fast, easy, and effective that is. So, waste no minute and head over the platform to create your own restaurant mobile application. 

What is the cost of creating an app on Swing2app?

There are two options available to you to develop your restaurant order taking app – use app builder like Swing2app or hire a mobile app development company.  While hiring a company, it is known that the cost of development is measured in per hour. Some of the companies charge up to $250 per hour, which is enough to cut a hole in the pocket. 

Now just this, but there are other hidden costs besides the overall development of the application. For instance, you would need to invest into a server for your app, along with a developer or a team of developers for the continuous performance and maintenance of your app.  A better and cost-effective alternative? – the pricing policy of Swing2app. 

With Swing2app platform, you only need to pay a fixed monthly charge and be done with it. Everything else is handled by the experts on the platform. Swing2app offers a variety of pricing plans ranging from monthly to yearly as well. The policy starts from $33/month and can go up to $840 annually, depending on your requirements and plan selected. 

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Why choose Swing2app? 

Swing2app is a budget-friendly platform that offers remarkable and highly functional mobile applications in real-time. And besides being the cost-effective alternative to hiring mobile app development companies, Swing2app offers the most flexible app development services.   

The restaurant app builder platform highly supports customization and is not rigid in incorporating new and value-added features to the applications. Additionally, the prototypes and templates offered by Swing2app are more stable than any other app building platform in the market. 

Curios to try yourself? Click below to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

We got answers to your questions. Check out frequently asked questions by our other customers.

How much it cost to develop a restaurant app?

Developing an app with Swing2App is very cost effective and it saves you lot of money. If you hire any normal app developer minimum you'll spend $3000 and many months after that ongoing maintenance cost. While at Swing2App you need to pay a very nominal fee and no maintenance cost.

How many days required to develop a Mobile App for Restaurant?

You do not need to wait for days, you need only few minutes to make your restaurant mobile app live. You only need to log into our app builder platform, choose our ready to use mobile app template for Restaurants, upload your data and you are done.

Can I upload food menu in my restaurant app?

Yes, our CMS for your Restaurant App has features to add food categories, food items, highlight them, hide them.
You can Add Food Name, Description, Category, Photos etc.

How can I upload my restaurant app on Google Play Store?

Yes! Mobile Apps for restaurants developed with Swing2App are compatible with Google Play store. To upload your Restaurant app on Play store you have to create an Google Developer account and upload your app. We can also help you to make your Restaurant app live on Google play store on a nominal fee.

How can I upload our Restaurnet app on App Store

We have inbuilt feature to upload your app on App Store. We will help you make your restaurant app live on App Store. (App store upload fee: $20 per request)

How can I check orders placed?

Our restaurant app come with an order management module through which you can check all previous and latest orders.

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