Swing2App Roadmap

To request a feature please mail on help@swing2app.com

Feature Category
Improve User Page function Making Tool
Support OneSignal for webview Prototype Manage Tool
Ability to edit detail color and style for functions and boards page Making Tool
Publish Swing2App Store ( App Showcase ) Supporting Tool
Allow clipboard function for Android App App Prototype
Ability to support sending Push Notification For Specify Timezone Manage Tool
Support Reward ads for admob plugin App Prototype
Support Auto-ChatBot Supporting Tool
Improve UI and UX for simulator and making tool Making Tool
Develop new UI Developer Tool for dynamic widget and page Making Tool
Support In-App Purcharse for shop function App Prototype
Support to add payment gateway for Swing Shop Manage Tool
Develop Auto Update System about app contents Manage Tool
Improve app build performance Making Tool
Improve Stasticis Page and data for user’s app Manage Tool
Improve Prototype of Design App Prototype
Support to add variety input fields on board from Manage Tool
Support video uploading on mobile app directly App Prototype
Develop small business prototype App Prototype
Support Multiple Language App Resources App Prototype
Support to develop Offline Version App App Prototype
Improve Web-App Toolbar and Customization App Prototype
Support App API for push and functionalities Manage Tool
Develop Web-App API for native functions App Prototype
Support Social Login and Apple and Google Login App Prototype
Improve Content management function Manage Tool
Improve Preview tools for webview and pushonly Manage Tool
Improve Management of Album and media functions App Prototype
Develop More board UI and design types App Prototype
Improve Permission Policy ( Mutitple Group permission ) Manage Tool
Improve User Permission Group functions ( supporting Mutipple ) Manage Tool
Improve LinkWizard functions ( Permission , Customized page ) Making Tool
Improve Admin function of app ( management function, push etc ) App Prototype