How To Design A Perfect App Icon?

To start with busting the common misconception, app icons are not logos. App icons are visual anchors for your apps that play a huge role in an app’s success, irrespective of how small they may seem in their significance. They are a type of branding that users initially come in contact with. To be more […]

The Whys and The Hows Of Designing Splash Screens

A first impression may not be the last impression anymore, but it certainly creates a bias in one’s mind towards how they perceive your brand or product. To highlight this phenomenon in the mobile apps’ context, your Splash screen is the first encounter of any user after they download your app from the app stores. […]

How to increase user loyalty and user engagement on your app?

As much enticing the higher or exponentially increasing app downloads may seem, they aren’t and shouldn’t be the only metrics for business to base their success on.  Of course, increasing downloads signifies more new users but it is equally important to evaluate the state of existing users.  For example, a new user downloading your app […]

How to Come Up With Unique Mobile App Ideas in 2021?

In today’s time, all the smart entrepreneurs know what they should bet on – mobile apps.   As the number of mobile apps adds another billion, we see a progressing engagement in investments towards mobility solutions. More and more startups are coming up with ground-breaking app ideas that are catalytic to solutions to many existing problems, especially at […]


SWING2APP SERVICE SATISFACTION SURVEY 2021: For the Swing2app Users To provide best service Swing2app is always working to make its service as per their need, but for that we want your suggestions. Your feedback & suggestions helps us to decide what improvements should we make on our platform to make it more beneficial for the […]

How to Reduce Your App Development Cost in 2021?

As technology becomes more accessible, more and more apps are hitting the market every day. In the past decade, the app industry has grown exponentially and so is the cost of app development. According to Statista, the prices for each platform (Android, iOS, and others) differs significantly from each other’s, where geographical location also plays […]


GET FREE SWING2APP BASIC PLAN FOR 3 MONTHS Swing2app is a free and codeless app developing platform. Our service is not only for app production but also a comprehensive cloud platform service that solves all aspects of app operations. If you are looking for creating an app without any coding for your business, we will […]

Swing2app Price Policy: Which is best for you.

With Swing2app creating an app is not a rocket science and does not require you to strike it rich due to its reasonable prices. Nowadays you will find everyone is using one or another kind of app in their smartphones. We have an app for everything be it entertainment, communication, food, music, sports, calendar and […]

In-app Survey 101: Why and How Should Businesses Use Survey Feature?

Back in the day, surveys used to be conducted in-person. It was as hectic and time-consuming as it was futile many times. Much of the crucial information would get lost in the heaps of forms which would otherwise have helped the businesses. Fortunately, the wheel of technology never stops rolling. Now, fast forward to 2020, […]

How To Integrate Stamps Into Apps For Your Business?

Mobile apps are the ultimate tool entrepreneurs should and are using to help boost their business. Since the users have shifted from desktops to smartphones, so should the business. Now, any kind of business can have an app. Users can develop their own app with unique features with the help of no-code app builders. These […]