7 Reasons why your app can get rejected by Google Play Store

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Are you worried about your app being rejected? Then this article is for you.

While the world is at a halt, Google is inviting more and more applications on its platforms. Statista shows that the total number of apps in the Play Store in the first quarter of 2020 was 2.56 million.

Nevertheless, this does not translate into the fact that Google is accepting all the apps with a light hand. On the contrary, it totally rejected a few Corona-related apps. Since it is always better to be safe than sorry, you need to make sure that you are thoroughly acquainted with Google Play Store guidelines.

Furthermore, it is imperative for you to know the possible reasons for the app rejection along with its solutions before you submit the app to the Play Store or if it has already been so, you can know how to fix the rejected app on Google Play Store with the given information.

So, let’s start.

Reason 1: Your app might not be as bug-free as you thought

At the review process, your app is tested under certain parameters. If it shows any kind of bugs or issues while performing, it would definitely be ditched like a hot potato by reviews. It is without a doubt a solid reason for app rejection by Google since it wants to maintain the quality of the apps offered on the platform for the users.

Solution – A few surefire ways to avoid this fate is to test, test, and test. Before submitting your app in the Play Store, test your app multiple times on different devices with different specs. If your app has been rejected already, then find out the errors and troubleshoot them.

Reason 2: Presence of duplicate Content

Mistakes are inevitable sometimes. You might unintentionally or otherwise use the title for your app that is trademarked. This would be considered infringement by Google and it would reject your app for publishing. As per the guidelines, everything on your app has to be unique.

Solution – Make sure to conduct thorough and extensive research to make sure every component of your app is unique. If it is rejected already, then you must remove all the content that is considered a duplicate like an app title. Description, visual content, etc.

Reason 3: Breach of privacy and data

Breach of sensitive information and data is as serious as it gets for Google. Your privacy policy has to be flawless and in harmony with Google guidelines for your app to clear the review threshold.

Solution – What you need to do is to make sure your app has a solid privacy policy that would be accepted by Google. And if your app has been rejected for this very reason, then revise the policy again and republish it with a new account.

Reason 4: False app rating

App rating is an integral part of the submission process. This is where you provide all the information related to your app in terms of the suitable age of the audience. A questionnaire is required to be filled to complete the submission process. If you provide false information, by mistake or otherwise, you know what will be the fate of your app.

Solution – Google offers another chance to re-fill the questionnaire appropriately for the app to get selected. Make sure you do not repeat mistakes twice since your app might get rejected completely.

Reason 5: You might have used inappropriate Content

If your app contains content that Google might consider inappropriate when compared to the app ratings you have mentioned, it can reject your app right away. The content can be racist comments, graphic violence, or sexual content.

Solution – As stated above, make sure to correctly rate your app as per its category. A repeated mistake like this can permanently terminate your developer account. Re-publish your app with a new account.

Reason 6: Ineffective/Improper UI

Google Material Design guidelines are a mantra to follow religiously. If you do not develop your app according to these guidelines and it does not match Google’s standards, it won’t get selected.

Solution – Make sure that your app’s font. Colors and graphics are all created with the guidelines. You can also have it redesigned if it has been rejected.

Reason 7: Presence of malware in Code

Any types of components relating to Trojan, Malware, or any sort of privacy breach of users’ privacy are not welcomed by Google. If your app is found possessing any of these components (be in in-app or linked in description), it won’t get selected.

Solution – You need to be sure that any link or ad network in your app does not practice malpractices like the ones mentioned above since it violates Google’s guidelines. If the app is rejected already, you need to remove all of the malware and create a new privacy policy. Then, publish your app with a new developer account.

Now, you won’t have to wonder about “What to do if your app declines on Google Play Store?” and take the appropriate measure to successfully land your app on one of the major app platforms ever.

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