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At the start of Covid-19, the fitness industry, notably brick-and-mortar gyms, were some of the most impacted. Because gyms and fitness centres involve maximum human contact, they were the first to be compelled to close in the United States due to the fear of Coronavirus transmission. 

 Although the long-term effects are unknown, the short-term effects have undoubtedly been disastrous for many. Gym and studio owners, expert trainers, and support personnel have all been laid off in large numbers. The brick-and-mortar gyms, which account for the largest portion of the US fitness sector, are in poor condition today. 

Digital transformation appears to be the most effective means of remaining relevant and, at the very least, afloat. Virtual access or workout from home allowed gyms and studios to maintain their constancy as work from home has become the new standard for any other institution. Virtual classes have become the trend, keeping the fitness industry’s heart pounding. Given the Covid-19 context, the rising tendency in accessing digital content against physical gym attendance was almost unavoidable. 

Virtual reality gym training has helped to raise the bar, but heavy-equipment sessions are surely missed.



According to research, yoga now accounts for roughly half of the platform’s virtual reservations, as more clients seek mindfulness-focused lessons. “Emotional, mental, and spiritual health, in addition to physical well-being, has become a higher emphasis.” 

Covid-19 has hastened the development of a hybrid style of online/in-person training, which more brick-and-mortar gyms are expected to embrace after the pandemic has subsided. According to a fitness study paper, fitness club owners coping with dwindling memberships have swiftly caught on, with about 80 percent now offering on-demand and livestream group exercises, up from 25% in 2019. 

Post pandemic this industry is being more digitalized. For example, Apple launched Fitness+, a virtual fitness subscription service developed for the Apple Watch and compatible with iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV. 

The switch to virtual fitness offered access to a wider range of classes. It also emphasized the need of striking a balance between physical and mental health. 

As a result, it’s reasonable to conclude that the future will be a mix of digital and physical. Hence, Consumer demand is rising as individuals strive for a balance between mental and physical wellness. 

Let’s discuss how this is helpful to you as a business as well as a customer. 

How can you incorporate all this in your gym or fitness club? And Hybrid gym benefits:

1. Less expensive and time-saving 

Because the trainer is working with several customers at the same time, gyms may charge less for each Hybrid session while still ensuring that trainers are well compensated & providing some savings to the member. 

Hybrid training is extremely beneficial since it is the ideal approach to make you sweat profusely, burn twice as many calories, and grow muscle in a short period of time. Hybrid exercises may provide an excellent workout in 15-30 minutes, depending on how much time you have available. 

It is also a time-saving method for the trainers. They can conduct group live sessions since they can upload recorded videos. 

2. Group motivation and fun 

There’s strength in numbers. Social accountability is an effective technique to stay on track and focused on your objectives. Being around by others who have similar objectives as you might help you stay on track to achieve yours! 

What are you doing if you don’t love your workouts? When you work out with your friends, it lifts your spirits and makes you all happy when you reach your goal. And everything you do with your pals is always a good time! Friends, again, who are like-minded with similar goals who can help you stay on track during non-training, social situations. 

Hybrid training reduces the repetition and boredom of traditional workouts and enhances athleticism. 

3. Reaching a wider audience= more revenue 

Health and wellbeing are becoming more broadly available because of technological advancements. Using a hybrid service allows you to appeal to a broader audience with different origins, objectives, and tastes. 

 A fitness firm may engage with consumers at any time and in any location, rather than relying primarily on its physical product. It’s critical to cater to individuals who prefer the convenience of working out at home, as well as others who prefer outdoor training or don’t have easy access to a gym. 

With the flexibility to provide multiple membership packages and cross-sell and up-sell items depending on individual and group preferences, fitness technology allows you to serve more to a larger audience. This might include home fitness equipment, digital workout video subscriptions, tech-driven nutritional advice, connected wearables, or smart scales that sync body metrics with your members’ mobile app. 

 By incorporating this into your mobile app, you can provide a better, more holistic, and tailored fitness experience to more people than ever before, while also increasing your income. 

4. New friends in training sessions 

You’ll make friends for life, whether it’s meeting someone to practise cardio with on your days off from training or meeting someone who introduces you to a new group fitness class. 

In this post-pandemic world, social well-being is also critical; friends may coordinate exercises, share their goals and achievements on social media or inside the app for moral support and encouragement. 

You may include membership groups in your gym fitness app, who will have access to a unique feature that allows them to create a competition goal within the app, discuss their progress, and train together. 

Having like-minded people in your life will undoubtedly enhance your self-assurance and motivation. 

5. More personalized and data-driven 

A hybrid service enables current and future customers to obtain a range of customized materials. 

From live-streamed or on-demand courses to one-on-one online coaching, augmented gamification, and materials for home workouts, we have the digital capabilities to meet modern fitness customers’ expectations for meaningful experiences that go beyond just a place to exercise. nutrition and meditation. All this can be combined online or via mobile apps. It is essential that members can participate in fitness and health activities whenever, wherever and however they want. 

If customized experiences are important to retaining and recruiting customers, knowing what they want is essential. With a deeper knowledge of motives, behaviours and preferences, a hybrid model with effective digitization allows for the secure collection and use of member data to drive critical business choices. This information can be used to nurture smart and timely communications such as class offers, special communications, digital promotions or challenges. With the help of data in lead acquisition, a compliance provider’s value proposition can be clarified and a customer base built. The technology we have is not a quick fix rather a long-term solution that needs constant updating. 

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Having given all the explanations above, it’s reasonable to say that the future of fitness is hybrid mode; whether small or major fitness clubs, they’ll all have to offer hybrid services sooner or later. 

Because the majority of people today use mobile phones, having a mobile app for your business offers you additional protection in the event of a pandemic-like crisis. 

Contact us if you want to go online and create a codeless mobile app that increases sales and delivers an excellent experience to your customers creating a hole in your pocket.  

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