How can swing2app can give you long term advantage that other company’s or freelancers developer can’t?

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Are you thinking of developing a web app or mobile app but do not have the resources to get it done? Do you plan to hire a company or freelancer to develop your app? Having trouble choosing the right mobile or web app developer? You’ve come to the right place if you are trying to decide whether you should hire freelancers or companies.  

Finding the right app developer can be difficult, especially when it involves a large investment. When choosing a freelancer or company for your proposal, it’s not just about who has the most resources or has worked on the most prestigious projects; it’s about choosing the right partner.   

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. For the purpose of creating a mobile app, I have listed some of the key points one should consider when hiring an Android app development company. In this article, we’ll discuss all you need to know to make that decision between a freelancer and a company. 


 Swing2App no-code developer company Freelancer 
1. Commitment and Focus: 100% commitment and focus on each client by our no-code developing team. Focus is usually divided in multiple projects 
2. Specialized knowledge: We have experience as well as knowledge of each step from creation to publishing Usually specialized in single task (only coding, or only UI designing), costly affair 
3. Efficiency and deadlines  We work as per you plan, no unwanted delays or errors at all Efficiency totally depends upon workload as he is one man army 
4. Pricing  One point solution, so much cheaper than hiring multiple freelancers Pricing varies as per project complexity and freelancer expertise 
5. Fixed contract:  Fixed price with long term and short term packages  Charge on hourly basis 
6. Project Management:  You can check the progress of your app yourself easily They don’t have much experience in this regard 
7. Availability:  Swing2App is always at your service even after app publishing Only till the end of project 
8. Access to Advance Tech and Tools:  Our no-code tool enables anyone to create apps without a single line of code They are not well versed with all the necessary tools 
9. Support available 24×7:  24*7 service provided No such thing 
10. Desired Quality in adequate time can be achieved:  You can cut your app production time drastically with Swing2App & Create A top-quality app too If the work is n=done in haste it may result in total waste of money 
11. Future maintenance  Always up to date with lates rules and policy changes of Play Store and Appstore They charge extra for each new update 

Let’s explore each point separately. 

1. Commitment and Focus:  

Company: One of the main benefits of using a mobile application development company rather than an internal IT department for your Android and iOS application is the dedication and concentration they have on producing the best mobile apps possible for the needs. If you hire an Android and iOS mobile app development company to create the app for you, you may obtain the quality you want within an acceptable timeframe and price. 

Freelancer: Typically, freelancers work on numerous projects simultaneously. They choose their own priorities when working on multiple tasks. For investors, the availability of freelancers is a major problem. They frequently seem less dedicated to and focused on your assignment.  

 2. Specialized knowledge:  

Company: A good mobile application is the primary aim of an app development firm. Consequently, they have the particular set of knowledge and skills needed to create a mobile application. 

Freelancer: Since the freelancer manages both the front end and the back end of multiple projects at once, it is impossible for him/her to have specialised knowledge in both areas. 

3. Efficiency and deadlines  

Company: When it comes to an app developing company, a complete team is available, and project managers oversee the work. This leads into more effectiveness and a greater ability to fulfil deadlines or deal with unforeseen difficulties. 

Freelancer: If you engage a freelancer, they can have a network of co-workers who can assist in the event of delays or unforeseen problems. But if something goes wrong, it’s very possible that your project may run into difficulties. 

4. Pricing 

Company: When compared to using a freelancer, hiring an app development company may appear pricey. However, because freelancers frequently lack experience and expertise in specific areas, the larger expenditure might ultimately be worthwhile. Additionally, bear in mind that the size of the business and the services you employ will affect how much your project will cost, so it’s best to conduct research before selecting any of these options. 

However, if you use Swinng2App no-code app maker you will also save a great deal of money as compared to other app-developing companies. We don’t charge anything for app creation, you can even upload a free commercial app on the Play store if you don’t want to pay. 

Freelancer: Freelancers usually lack knowledge and experience in particular fields, and they often bill clients separately for various functionalities. This could result in either hiring more freelancers or increasing costs when each new functionality is added. In any case, you should expect more costs but possibly worse satisfaction due to the lack of professionalism. 

5. Fixed contract:  

Company: Due to their expertise, reputable app development companies provide a fixed fee for all application development projects. Except in circumstances where the buyer requires more, these prices remain constant. In this way, application development companies may assist in cost control and in providing a solid concept of the budget that should be allocated. Planning will be easier if you work with an application development companies because you’ll know exactly how much each task will cost before you start it. 

Freelancer: However, freelancers almost never offer fixed prices; instead, they charge clients on an hourly basis. This will unavoidably cost more than the firm price the business is offering. 

6. Project Management:  

Company: Application development is time-consuming. Along with knowledge and experience, a skilled coordinator is necessary to make plans that consider the interests of all parties involved. This is where the function of the project manager is relevant. A project manager oversees the process of developing mobile applications. The project manager is responsible for making sure that deadlines or milestones are met and for ensuring coordination among all members of the development team. The PRO of the team, who serves as the conduit for communication between the developers and the clients, is also the project manager. Companies that specialise in application development offer project managers to assist clients in reaching their goals. 

Freelancer: Freelancer manages all the tasks from front end to back end like a 1 man army. The development process and the owners’ goal cannot be balanced by freelancers.  

7. Availability:  

Company: This is an important area where freelancers and mobile application development companies differ. You are employing the firm, not a specific person, when you contract with a mobile app development company to handle the creation of your applications. However, in the case of the Company, in the event that one developer becomes unwell, the project will be given to another developer. Therefore, they will make sure that deadlines are met when hiring a company. 

Freelancer: When a freelancer is hired to develop a mobile app and becomes ill, work is halted, which causes projects to be delayed. 

8. Access to Advance Tech and Tools:  

Company: Choosing a mobile application development company is also a good idea because they have access to cutting-edge equipment and technology. Because an application development company solely develops applications, they always have the most up-to-date hardware and software. As a result, their apps will be compatible with and effective on chosen platforms.  

With Swing2app no-code app maker you can create apps for both iOS and Android platforms without any coding. 

Freelancer: Independent developers or your internal IT staff cannot use such cutting-edge hardware and software. Investing in such assets will be very expensive for your company. 

9. Support available 24×7:  

Company: Your mobile application will need updates as time goes on, as well as functional and aesthetic improvements. In this sense, having a mobile application development company at your side at every step is essential. You can establish a solid working relationship with the business. Independent developers cannot be expected to maintain such a long-lasting relationship. 

Freelancer: The developer might simply switch careers or work in a different sector, making him unavailable to provide this service. 

10. Desired Quality in adequate time can be achieved:  

Company: One might feel at ease by working with a mobile application development company. A company that specialises in application development has the knowledge and abilities to offer the needed quality. This will be clear from their resume, recommendations, and evaluations. 

Freelancer: The quality standards of business owners may not be met by the independent developers’ portfolios. It could cost a lot to business owners if they spend more time dealing with independent developers than with their own company. 

11. Future maintenance 

Company: There are many policy and regulation updates on the Play store and Appstore, and your app must be up to date with each one of them. This is not an easy task. We need to read through each and every change in regulations to keep your app up to date. A random company may charge you a lot for this but not Swing2app.   

We support every policy update and policy change for your app without any additional costs. In this way, users can follow along on their own without worrying about technical difficulties. 

Freelancer: As they work on a contract basis, it is difficult to handle external issues after the contract ends. They may charge extra for each update, so you have to consider potential costs and issues. 


Swing2App is not your typical app developer. Anyone can quickly and easily create an app using this no-code app development platform. Without writing a single line of code, you can work on your ideas. With our app builder, you can easily convert your website into an iOS or Android app in just five minutes. Although it sounds like a lot of money, but no the prices are very affordable, and you get to build apps for Android and iOS!   

Swing2App is the one-stop solution for all app developers. Do you still have any doubts? The benefits you get with Swing2App also outweigh the costs of traditional app development companies.   

Enjoy the app creation process as well as the following add-on features with Swing2App: 

Data security: The traditional app developing companies are going to charge you separately for every add-on feature, but not us. You get complete data security for your app with Swing2App that is included within our various app development packages. 

Lifetime customer service: What will you do if your app is suddenly deleted from store or faces some other technical issues? You might have to solve it by yourself which will kill a lot of your precious time. Moreover, traditional app developing companies might charge more for each issue. However, with Swing2App you get Lifetime support of our technical team; we are always ready to help you. 

Make custom changes anytime: What if after publishing your app you want to add some new features to your app, you’ll probably pay more to your app developing company. In contrast, Swing2App allows you to edit and customize your apps post-development for no extra charge.   

Virtual app screen: It’s the era of visual development, what could be better than creating your app visually rather than just seeing endless lines of code!   

Swing2App has a preview window at all the steps so that you can visualize all the changes that you make and thus compare them. If you don’t like the appearance of the app at any point you can edit it on the spot without spending much time rewriting the code.   

App monetization: Let your app earn money for you while you can focus on other things. Swing2App provides a Google AdMob plugin for developers who want to earn from ad revenue.    

Moreover, you can also earn from in-app sales or subscription plans that are entirely up to you and your app business plan. And don’t worry about payment gateway setup as Swing2App provides PayPal and Stripe for transaction facility.   

Updating app easily: Once you are done with editing your app or adding new features to it, all you need to de is click on update(hard) on the Swing2App maker V3 page. This will immediately reflect the update without any delay. 

Free app creation: Create your own app for free, you get to download your APK, 100MB storage, unlimited posts as well as you can upload your app for free with Swing2App free commercial version for android.   

The biggest advantage of using Swing2App is that you can create your MVP app absolutely free and pay only when you want to upload it on Play Store or AppStore.   

You also get industry-specific app templates, which further reduce your development time and provide you with basic ideas to further build on upon it. With Swing2App free template templates you can create e-commerce apps, delivery apps, business apps, and much more.  

App Analytics: Swing2App provides all the various analytics about your app like User pageview, device usage, feature usage, push notification data, new user data, and much more.   

All this enables the app developer to make more informed decisions about future updates and features. Moreover, they can also use this vital data and create analysis to understand users’ behaviour.   

Lifetime paid packages: (1 time payment solution): In order to meet the needs of different businesses, we have created long-term one-time payment plans and repeat subscription plans. One-time payment gives you additional discount, but if your budget id less you can opt for monthly subscription too. 


Choosing the right web or mobile app developer can be challenging, so don’t take it lightly. To sum up what we’ve seen above whether a complex project with the possibility of scaling it up over time or a smaller-scale project, with a very specific idea and a tighter budget, Swing2App is the perfect solution for both. We hope we have made your decision a little bit easier when it comes to freelancers vs. companies in app development.   

Moreover, it is always a better choice to work with an experienced app development company since it gives all parties peace of mind. And we can proudly say that we are quite experienced in successfully publishing apps on both Android and iOS platforms. 

Don’t waste any more time.

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