How to Reduce Your App Development Cost in 2021?

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As technology becomes more accessible, more and more apps are hitting the market every day. In the past decade, the app industry has grown exponentially and so is the cost of app development.

According to Statista, the prices for each platform (Android, iOS, and others) differs significantly from each other’s, where geographical location also plays a crucial role.

Statistic: Median cost of mobile application development in select regions worldwide in 2015, by platform (in U.S. dollars per hour) | Statista

Find more statistics at Statista

As seen in the graph, the per hour rate of mobile app development for iOS and Android in North America rangers somewhere between $150 – $168 per hour. We can witness a huge gap as we move east towards India and Indonesia.

The zeros in the total cost only move upwards depending on –

A) Category app you are targeting.

For instance, an app like Uber would cost more than a chatting app simply because of the difference in functionalities and that on-demand apps comprises of three panels.

B) Type of app you want to develop.

Native apps tend to be expensive than the cross-platform or hybrid apps since the code cannot be reused and each platform needs different set of tech stack.

C) The level of complexity you want to add.

Apps like Instagram are more complex than say an app like TikTok. The more complex the development, the higher the cost since it requires more development time.

Does all this mean SMEs or startups can never reap the benefits mobility platforms provide? Absolutely not.

Rapid app development which was an underdog has now come to the forefront. Now, there are many no-code app building apps that provide more cost and time-effective alternative to the traditional mobile app development.

Advantages of Choosing App Developing App Over Hiring App Developing Agencies

Hiring an app developing agency VS Swing2app No code app builder
Hiring an app
developing agency
Swing2app No code app builder
  $5k-$6k To make even a basic app like a Calculator app, with static function  $340/1st year only, then $290/year  
To create a basic app  
$15k- $30k   To make apps with simple user analytics like consumer-oriented apps, event apps etc.    $510/1st year only, then $460/year  
To create app that needs extra storage for data base & other features  
$30k- $60k or more To create more complex apps that can handle videos and other storage requirement, and other complex features like e commerce app.    $890 1st year only, then $ 460/year  
To create complex apps like e commerce apps  
Additional charges for updates, backend support, developer support. Charges just increase with app life cycle.No additional charges and constant Swing2app support available.

There are numerous reasons why it is more practical to use an app developing platform rather than outsourcing the job to other app development agencies. Mentioned below are the reasons that will help you in making a good and effective choice.

Low Cost Of Application Development

Hiring an app developing agency is not a budget-friendly choice when it comes to developing an application. Furthermore, most of the small scale business does not have the capital to invest in an application developed by outside resources.

Meanwhile, hiring an in-house development team might sound like a good idea but this is also a major investment that many companies simply cannot afford.

The best option is to forgo the old methods and adopt the more practical option of no-code app builder platforms that provides effective results in an affordable budget.

Higher returns with minimal risks

With less capital being invested in the creation of the application, the returns from the product automatically become higher and more beneficial. Furthermore, with most of the coding and technical part being taken care of by the platform itself, chances of errors and miscoding become almost negligible.

This leads to faster and more effective results, better customer experience, and higher returns. 

Better Productivity and fast results

These DIY app building platforms provide a better chance to increase productivity. It allows the individual to create the application himself even if he does not have any prior technical knowledge whatsoever.

Furthermore, with the help of these platforms, you can design the application in just a couple of hours if not minutes. This means fewer backlogs and quick delivery of the product.

Not to mention that it makes the whole app developing process easy, smooth, and requires less effort than the traditional methods.

Easy to use

Instead of wasting hours and hours to learn a technical language for your application, no-code do-it-yourself platforms provide you an alternative to a much easier and effortless developing experience.

These platforms are extremely easy to use and do not require any kind of technical knowledge to operate. To make it easier these platforms often provide the user a step by step instructions or short tutorials to make the process smooth and user-friendly.

Quick delivery of the product

Where outside app developing companies take months and months to deliver you the final workable application, no-code app developing websites on the other hand can provide you an elegant and smooth functioning app in just a matter of minutes.

This drastically reduces the time-to-market from months to hours and you can launch your application hassle-free and faster than ever. This gives you a competitive edge over your rivals and allows you to enjoy a first-mover advantage.

Not to mention the huge budget saving that this option provides to business organizations.

Easy to make changes

As we all know, nothing stays the same, and especially in business, flexibility, and the capability to adapt according to the environment is the key to survival. Hence, it is important that your application is also flexible and easy to update if the need arises.

No-code app building platforms allow the user to change and edit the application in real-time with no extra coding. This helps in keeping up with the environment and modifying the application accordingly.

How Swing2App Provides Cost-Effective App Solutions?

Swing2App is a celebrated no-code app development platform supporting rapid app development. The tool offers its services suitable for individual businesses, startups, SMEs, and even big organizations.

To have a premium and special experience, Swing2App also provides several paid packages to make your app more attractive and user friendly. And most of all, it is an extremely budget-friendly option, so you do not have to worry about burning through a ton of money to get your website.

From delivering stable prototypes to multiple engaging template options, Swing2App is a one-stop tool for app development on the go.

The DIY approach of app creation of the tool allows businesses to ship their app in the market with time-to-market reduced to mere days. Anyone can create a fully functional, aesthetically pleasing app for Android and iOS without writing a line of code.

You can not only create a codeless mobile app, but also convert your pre-existing website into a fully functional mobile app. Having a mobile app will increase your customer reach an well as help you to build customer loyalty.

Not just this, but users get access to AdMob-integration, an advertising tool to help generate instant revenue.

Other remarkable features of Swing2App which make it the most-preferred app builder are –

  • Unlimited Push notifications
  • Direct submission of the apps from the Swing2App platform
  • One-touch functionality
  • Multiple templates to choose from
  • Support for customization and personalization
  • No-hassle backend support
  • In-app survey feature
  • Converting websites into mobile apps
  • Access to in-depth app analysis and much more.

Swing2App offers both free and paid subscription services, suitable for all businesses. You can avail of basic yet necessary features in the free plan. Once, you have successfully designed your app, you can move up to the paid subscription starting from $33 (Basic) per month.

If you want to create a basic mobile app and upload it on Playstore as well as Appstore, then the minimum cost that you need to pay is:

$33/1 month -Basic paid app Plan
$20/1 app Appstore developer ticket
$5/1 app Playstore upload ticket
TOTAL= $38

However, you also need to create google app developer account, which will cost $25 one time.

Hence, the grand total would be $63 for first time, and then $33/month and so on.

You might be wondering will you get quality output at such price?

No worries about that you can make any type of app from restaurant and reservation app to church app, educational or chatting app and what not. And this will include all the features like google maps integration, chat rooms, unlimited push notifications, coupons and much more.

However, you can also choose long term packages too, which are more budget friendly. Some, packages are for particular prototype only, like push only and web view plugin. To monetize your app you can purchase Ad-mob plugin and earn by running google ads in your free app.

To know more about the price policy of Swing2app visit:

Over to You

To wrap it up, in today’s time, we have a variety of tools and platforms to choose from when it comes to mobile app development. However, more often than not, these tools are not as effective or functional as marketed.

Therefore, before going too deep into a tool, make sure to do your proper research and then invest your time and your app vision into the tool. With a tool as trusted as Swing2App, you can easily create an app that your users will love. Go ahead, and try it for yourself.

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