In-app Survey 101: Why and How Should Businesses Use Survey Feature?

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Back in the day, surveys used to be conducted in-person. It was as hectic and time-consuming as it was futile many times. Much of the crucial information would get lost in the heaps of forms which would otherwise have helped the businesses.

Fortunately, the wheel of technology never stops rolling. Now, fast forward to 2020, not only we have web surveys, but we are also blessed with in-app survey features.

The surveys conducted online are evidently more potent in their job and in value for the business than the old-school stuff. Some of the basic features of an online or in-app survey are that it allows tapping into a wider pool of potential customers to survey them.

For instance, when online surveys were still in the infancy and manual surveys were all there was, it was impossible for businesses to expand or even start a business in real-time to a wider market.

The survey would take months before a business can get the actual results. But, now thanks to mobile apps for businesses, analyzing your target customers and testing the waters before jumping into a new business has never been easier.

But, surely this is not enough for you to understand the importance of in-app surveys and how you and your business can benefit from it.

Why In-app surveys are becoming popular?

Not only for the startups or business in the ideation stages, but surveys are also a crucial part of the planning and management for any business in every stage. These surveys assist product owners to become proactive in acquiring qualitative feedback from the customers.

Now, one of the most headache-giving hiccups in gathering user feedback is fewer responses. The response rate for these surveys can stand between 15-20% or even droop as low as a 1-4% when it comes to mobile web surveys.

To that end, in-app surveys cater to all the needs of a business, effectively removing the mentioned challenge. This in-app survey resolves the problem by decreasing friction. Meaning, they reduce the steps needed to complete to fulfil all the requirements of a survey. If a survey has more steps, the users might feel overwhelmed and leave it midway (which is the most feared).

The users do not have to leave the app to take your survey on the web, it is all accessible at the same place for their accord. This will not boost the survey response rate but simultaneously increase your retention rate. It’s like killing two birds with one arrow!

Moreover, in-app surveys are customizable so you can re-purpose them as you like, without worrying about additional costs, which would become an issue in the manual surveys. You can easily practise niche-targeting for crying out loud!

Benefits of Online Survey App for Your Business

1.Ease of process

As we have talked above, doing this digitally allows business to become more efficient and practical.

By creating digital surveys, they can target any region, different countries at once. Adding to this, the analysing of the data also become easier since we have technologies to analyse and dissect the data for ease. This collected information gives great insights into the user base. Moreover, to encourage people taking the survey, businesses also offer certain incentives.

2.Minimal to no costs

It comes obvious that doing things digitally is a lot easier on the pocket than otherwise, not to mention the fast process for data collection.

What would require thousands of dollars manual, can be done for free or with minimal costs with in-app surveys.  Moreover, in-app surveys are more effective and preferred by people in comparison to online or email questionnaires. You can create in-app surveys for free on your no-code app with app builder platforms.

3.Automated data handling

We have amazing tools for surveys that allow the smoothest experience to the users. You can create customized surveys and incorporate easiest steps for users to fill the survey form.

Additionally, the responses are automatically saved in the system for easy analysing. This also eliminates any kind of errors on every end.

4.Convenience to the users

Because the users do not have to leave your app to take the survey, it increases the chances of them taking the questionnaire.

Features of Swing2App Survey Function

With Swing2App’s, a free mobile app developer provides survey feature, where you can do so much more than simply asking questions. This feature allows you to fulfil multiple purposes. You can easily set the start and end date on your survey to automate the process.

Additionally, it supports different types of questions for you to upload such as open-ended questions or one with a “required answer” depending on the purpose of your survey.

And with Swing2App’s push notifications feature, you can even schedule notifications to inform users of your survey even before you upload it. This makes it the best app creator.

Use case: Admin wants to use the survey feature as a contest and reward the winner in return.

App Type: E-commerce 

Here admin has created a contest where he has set a deadline of 5 minutes. Additionally, to attract customers’ attention they had sent push notification prior to the contest to attract more users in real-time.

The admin is offering a 5000 worth dress to the winner, thus to make the contest more difficult, they have set ‘required answer’ option for all questions and has added open ended and multiple option type questions.

Learn how to create survey:

In survey name and subtitles admin can set name and subtitle for contest and on memo you can give detail of survey. 

On ‘set period’ admin can set start and end date of survey. While creating a survey, you can only set an end date day after you’ve set the start date of your survey.

If admin wants to send push notification of survey, he can do it by help of ‘Editing setting‘ -> Send push notification.

Tip: In case you want to end the survey earlier that set date, you can simply go to survey page and close survey also you can check the survey results on this page.

Now let’s see how survey contest will appear on users mobile:

Admin can also use the survey feature as data collector to improve its marketing and sales or to get feedback about their service & products. 

Now, you have acquired sufficient knowledge of in-app surveys. To use this feature in your app, you must first make an app using Swing2app, which is entirely a codeless process.

We are sure that using the in-app surveys will prove highly beneficial for your business too. So what are you waiting for?

Visit Swing2app now!

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