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Swing2app is a free and codeless app developing platform. Our service is not only for app production but also a comprehensive cloud platform service that solves all aspects of app operations.

If you are looking for creating an app without any coding for your business, we will help you in achieving your goal. Swing2app app maker is the best one stop solution for all your worries.

We are glad to announce that Swing2app is presenting its users the free Basic Plan for 3 months.

Let’s see in detail what is this coupon & who is eligible to avail it.


The Swing2app Basic plan coupon for 3 months provides you with lots of beneficial features:

  • Unlimited traffic – It allows unlimited new monthly user. New user means a new device on which your app is installed & every device has different id, to keep a check on traffic.
  • App commercialization (Store available)-You can upload your app on the appstore and Playstore.
  • Send Unlimited Push-you can send unlimited push notifications to your mobile app users.
  • 2GB storage capacity
  • Unlimited posts-You can create unlimited posts, in which you can write, insert images, videos and links as well
  • 100 Bulletin Boards (5 Chat rooms) -These 5 chat rooms help you in connecting 20 people.
  • You can install shopping mall module– It is a shop feature if someone wants to make e-commerce app, so adding items, payment, delivery details, schedules, etc are done in that
  • In your app you can link 1 PAYMENT GATEWAY Company

Not only this upon collaborating with us you also get APP STORE & PLAY STORE UPLOAD TICKETS.

These tickets are essential to upload your app on the Appstore & play store & for collaborating with swing2app you get it for free.


  • Minimum value product creation with maximum features
  • Reduce your production time & cost
  • Zero payment app creation
  • Get free basic plan coupon for three months
  • Free Appstore & play store upload tickets
  • Create your own app without any coding all by yourself
  • Get quality product with Swing2app

Now you might be wondering who all can apply?


If you are a start-up company wishing to create app for your own start up or for your customers too, but as you know creating an app is both time & money consuming process.

If you are creating you own app with Swing2app you will be able to cut huge costs spent on hiring app developing agencies.

However, in case you are an app development start up you can increase your revenue by collaborating with us and creating more apps in less time.

Thus, you will save both time and money and simultaneously increase your revenue. Isn’t it what all the start ups want- to save costs!

With Swing2app’s easy user interface & codeless app building process you can save your precious time and money.

If you want to create a cost-effective/app & upload it on Appstore & Play store, we will provide you the Swing2app Basic 3 months coupon & Appstore & play store ticket for free upon reviewing your idea.

With our help you can speed up your app production, giving you opportunity to grow quickly by creating minimum value & best quality app.

How to apply for the coupon?

1.Sign up for Swing2app

2.Create your app/app idea

3.Send us the app created by you on Swing2app on help@swing2app.com along with your company details

4.Swing2app will review your app idea/ the app created by you

5. Upon approval get the Swing2app Basic plan worth $99 + Appstore Upload ticket worth $20 + Play store upload ticket $5


This offer is not just for the companies but also for anyone who introduces our service to their customers/viewers on their social media handles, blogs, websites, or YouTube channel.

The best part is the investment on your behalf is zero & you will get a well-designed app in much less time as compared to hiring an agency or a freelancer.

All you have to do is to create your free app using Swing2app & review about our service on you social media, and we will offer you Swing2app Basic Ticket Coupon. Just signup for our service, create your app with the easy features provided by Swing2app along with different prototypes & themes.

You must introduce & promote Swing2app service on your blog, website or social media only then you will be eligible for this coupon.

If you are a blogger you must write a review about our service in your blog upon creating an app with swing2app, upon doing this & sending us the necessary information you will get the 3 months Basic Plan coupon.

Similarly, the youtubers & websites who want to avail this benefit need to first create an app & review about it on their channel.

So, you see, you invest nothing and just gain.

Checkout how to avail this coupon.

How to apply for the coupon?

1. Visit Swing2app and Sign up

2.Create your app for free

3.Send us the app created by you on Swing2app on help@swing2app.com along with your social media, blog, or website where you promote our service.

4.Swing2app will review the app created by you & your social media promotion of Swing2app

5. Upon approval get the Swing2app Basic plan worth $99 + Appstore Upload ticket worth $20 + Play store upload ticket $5

Create your own app now & publish it too for free with swing2app.

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