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We have compiled a list of the ten best mobile app ideas for small businesses that will be profitable in 2023.  

In the Apple App Store and Google Play, there are millions of mobile applications available. It’s because new businesses want to employ the newest advertising technology to reach their target audiences. As a small business or a new startup, you must also think about app development as an extension of your business model.  

As consumers depend on their smartphones for everything, the app development industry is flooded with many choices. So, what should you do? Million-dollar app idea needs a lot of brainstorming which is quite challenging. Today, we’ll assist you in answering this issue by preparing a list of top small business opportunity application ideas for 2023. Let’s get started!  

Hope you discover the best app idea to build your app! 

1. Unexplored app ideas for Small Businesses 

Tutorial App on Video Creation and Editing 

Making films is a new popular activity among teenagers and even adults: in the age of YouTube and TikTok, people are eager to create engaging and inspirational videos with as much imagination as they can. Some people transform their pastime into a full-time profession that allows them to earn decent money. However, the market for video editors currently lacks a comprehensive training tool that could be used by both beginners and experts, as well as specialised tutorial applications for certain areas of video creation that might teach users how to record, trim, process, edit, and upload their movies more effectively. 

AR App for Clothes Shopping and Fitting-on 

The top app development idea of creating an app that could immensely help customers to make their choice has been in use for many years. Customers, however, did not receive the Uber-like experience: easy, attractive, and adaptable. Customers want an app that offers excellent usability, a 360-degree viewing angle, fitting, changing, combining with other personal garments, online ordering, and smart e-payments. If any small business succeeds in developing one, it will undoubtedly revolutionize the shopping experience and the whole eCommerce market forever. 

Pet and Animals Care App 

Pets are no longer regarded as mere living beings; they have long since become our buddies and family members. People now care for them even more, giving them with the greatest meals, medication, and enjoyment they can. However, in today’s fast-paced world, it can be difficult to remember and handle all these chores. That’s when a pet care app might come in handy. It might combine the purchase of food, cosmetics, veterinary goods, and care under one roof, saving users time and money. 

2. Small Business Fintech & Payroll Apps 

Investment and Trading App 

Trading and investment solutions are becoming increasingly popular as consumers want to learn more about markets, assets, stocks, and funds, as well as how to profit from this information. A trustworthy digital banking software that could monitor people’s bank accounts and automatically put funds into the most advantageous shares, perform other daily financial activities, and track total expenditure would be one of the top app development ideas in 2023. 

Digital Insurance App 

Digital insurance of personal banking savings is not as simple as it appears at first glance. The answer is simple: this sector has a massive quantity of legacy apps. It would be ideal if your solution included real-time data, risk management, personalized suggestions, and offers to provide clients with a convenient approach to protect their assets. 

Money Saving App 

As time passes, it becomes more difficult to keep track of personal expenditures and manage one’s budget. The app development industry is ready to help its consumers with this task: various money-saving and accountancy apps are already in use. However, they are not perfect: some cannot receive data from other programs, some have difficulty reading SMS (Short Messaging Services), and so on. Developing a stable and user-friendly solution that can suit the demands of all clients is undoubtedly one of the top app development ideas for 2023. 

3. Scheduling Apps for Small Business 

Productivity and Scheduling App 

For organisations of all sizes, optimising staff workflow and efficiency is priority number one. Digital solutions in this industry enable the automation of many manual processes, the elimination of unneeded ones, and improved resource allocation, saving a firm time and money. The same is true for scheduling apps: they allow you to automatically assign work to team members and measure their productivity, as well as ease cooperation across departments and enhance the overall KPIs of the organisation. Productivity or a time clock app for small business can be a great app development idea in 2023. 

Accounting App 

With the advent of the digital era, physical accounting books, manual entry of ledger information, and time-consuming paperwork have all but vanished. The app development industry now provides a plethora of accounting and inventory programmes for small businesses to select from. A suitable application to launch next year will be one that can harness both current technology and industry experience, give informative visual analytics, and have backup and recovery capabilities. 

Cloud storage app 

Cloud technology is reaching its pinnacle right now, with increased businesses transferring their assets to one or more cloud providers. Customers favour this kind of data storage because of features such as zero-knowledge encryption, setting expiration dates, and unrestricted accessibility and scalability. Small businesses that opt to develop an app with enhanced security and performance will undoubtedly profit. 

4. Travelling App Ideas 

Voice Recognition and Translation App 

When traveling, people often run into language barriers, yet they do not have the time to translate what is spoken. It generates misconceptions and adds to the challenges of the journey. A simple language translation app with voice recognition that supports several languages might overcome this difficulty and allow many people to travel more easily and comfortably. 

Packing and Moving Services App 

Moving to a different place to live isn’t unusual, but rather a common scenario in modern life. However, packing and shipping all these items and furniture is usually a difficult undertaking. App development companies are already trying to help individuals in resolving the problem by providing user-friendly all-in-one platforms with a variety of transportation alternatives and services to pick from. 

Virtual Travel App with VR (Virtual Reality) Technology 

People were unable to travel during the Covid-19 pandemic, and it was at this period that virtual travel began to take off. Online sightseeing, galleries, museums, and even concerts are just a few of the virtual travel services that the current lifestyle app sector can provide. Customers are now searching for an ultimate Airbnb-like solution that allows them to select any place or sight they wish to see and feel as if they are physically travelling to that location. 

5. App Ideas for the Food Industry 

AI-based Food and Beverages Ordering App 

Isn’t buying meals and groceries every week a time-consuming task? Statistics prove that over sixty percent of Americans prefer takeout or delivery of their food more than once a week. The worldwide online grocery industry is expected to increase fivefold to $42830 million by the end of 2027, signalling that it is past time for supermarkets to consider opening an online grocery shop. 

AI-Based Restaurant Booking App 

Restaurant owners often face the challenge of losing customers owing to a shortage of workers who can answer all calls and make bookings on time. AI-powered virtual assistants might fix this issue and free up people time for other work. People want an app that can advise on the menu and specialties, reserve a table, and send special remarks to the administration if a customer has specific culinary preferences or diet. 

Restaurant Management App 

The restaurant industry is thriving during the post-covid recovery, and owners are looking for methods to improve workflow and management at their establishments. Remote monitoring systems and scheduling apps may be able to help them in achieving this goal: improved insights, real-time data, and enhanced staff efficiency are just a few of the advantages that such applications provide for organisations. 

6. Small Business On-Demand & Scheduling Apps: Household Services 

Car Services App  

Regular maintenance and technical examination of any vehicle necessitate not only time but also knowledge of which services or suppliers are most suited to a certain vehicle type. It might be difficult to find the answer to this question. A customisable automobile online site featuring all automotive services like washing, cleaning, repairing, detailing, and so on, as well to track consumer feedback on the quality of these services, might be a genuine game changer in this industry. 

Household Services Ordering App 

This type of app might organize all housekeeping services and suppliers on a single platform based on their popularity, reviews, and budget level. As a result, consumers can order and even plan whatever they need to do around their homes, from dusting and cleaning to mowing and landscaping, all in one spot, saving time, effort, and money. 

Beauty Salon Appointment Booking App 

As the beauty sector has developed dramatically, with an overwhelming number of services and items to order, this is one of the greatest app development ideas to create in the future year. However, a user-friendly and strong customisable platform that might save women’s time for all these operations is currently absent. To increase profits, small companies might partner with beauty service providers to offer their customers exceptional discounts when ordering multiple or repeat operations. 

7. Small Business Fintech Apps: Cryptocurrency 

Crypto Exchange Platform 

People’s interest in cryptocurrencies and the profits they might provide grows year after year. Millions of individuals are attempting to make money online through various cryptocurrency exchangers, but few of these services are trustworthy owing to a complex user interface and ambiguous exchange regulations. As a result, the cryptocurrency market needs a brand-new transparent and user-friendly platform that can fix these issues and help to establish trust in cryptocurrencies and a decentralised financial system in general. 

Blockchain Banking App 

The finance and banking industries are among the most vulnerable to fraud, with hackers all over the world continually attempting to steal clients’ financial data via different cyber assaults. Blockchain is a fantastic technology that, owing to its decentralised method of storing client data, allows for the abolition of this problem. Creating a completely customizable financial services solution using this technology is undoubtedly one of the best app ideas in 2023. 

Digital Wallet App 

Digital wallets, such as PayPal, are becoming increasingly popular since they are far more handy than having actual cash or even cards in the wallet. According to experts, the worldwide e-wallet industry would reach $7,582 billion by the end of 2024. While it’s difficult to compete against giants like Apple Pay or Google Pay, developing a payment app is one of the best app ideas for small business in the coming year. 

8. Small business services app 

Digital CV/Resume App 

Digital CV/Resume tool that allows you to make and save a digital copy of your professional resume. Each resume will be assigned a distinct Identification number.  

While looking for a new job, you can share your CV number with potential companies. Companies may then access your online profile using the app. 

Private Tutor App 

Most students had to take classes from home throughout the pandemic due to isolation precautions. This resulted in an increase in the demand for e-learning apps beginning in March 2020, and the demand does not appear to be decreasing anytime soon. The market is now growing at a 21% annual rate and is predicted to cross $1 trillion by 2027. 

Astrology app 

This industry is also not much explored and there is limited competition as well. If small businesses like tarot card readers, or fortune tellers want to increase their reach, creating such an app is the best app development idea in 2023. 

9. Location-based apps 

Nearby EV Charging Station Finder App 

The vehicles, like time, have undergone changes. The Nearby EV charging station search app’s goal is to target all people who own electric vehicles. The app will let customers locate an EV charging station in their immediate vicinity. 

Top food outlets suggesting app 

Creating an app that tells users about the nearby food-outlets is another top app development idea. As it provides a brilliant solution to the time crunch issues of the present generation, as they can view the nearby outlets on their fingertips. 

Parking finding apps 

With the ever-growing urbanization, parking has become a genuine problem is various countries. By creating an app that solves a key problem of your target audience; you can surely earn a lot. 

10. Health apps 

Health tracker 

With the tight schedules and fast pacing modern life, health has taken a backseat. This is a grave issue all over the globe, and thus providing a solution by creating an app for tracking health issues will ben you as well as your users. 

Ayurveda app 

Another top app idea for 2023 is to create an app for creating awareness about Ayurveda or Yoga. You may create a simple video-based teaching app or e-commerce app selling herbal products too. 

Healthy lifestyle teaching app 

Health is wealth! This idea will create wealth for you and your customers as well. Post Covid people have been facing lots of physical and mental illness due to sudden change in their lifestyle. Creating Healthy lifestyle app would truly be one of the best app development ideas. 


If you have a unique web or mobile app idea that has the potential to revolutionize the web app business, we are always ready to assist you in realizing it. Our customized app development platform provides you with the best no-technology stack for your needs, and ensures that it is bug-free, high-performing, and user-friendly.  

Together, let’s build the no-code apps of tomorrow! 

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