Mobile App Maintenance
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There is more to an app than just developing and launching it. It is impossible for even the most skilled developers to iron out every bug in an app before launch, especially in a world of pre-orders and rushed launches. Mobile app maintenance is crucial to ensuring the quality of an app.  

In the mobile app development lifecycle, maintenance becomes extremely critical.  

Aside from fixing glitches, app maintenance involves upgrading, modifying, and much more. In addition to the cost of developing an app, it is a smart move to calculate the approximate cost of maintaining an app it as well. If you don’t invest in app maintenance and scalability, it could lead to unpleasant app uninstalls. 

For an app to succeed, it needs to be maintained and nurtured. We make sure you’re always in control and running smoothly with Swing2App, where we make sure your business doesn’t stop growing. 

In the following post, we will cover the approximate cost of maintaining an app and the elements that affect the app maintenance, and how Swing2App is your one-point solution. 


Mobile app maintenance is a collection of procedures that include keeping a mobile app operational, updated, and error-free, supporting users for hardware and software, performance monitoring, and bug fixing in mobile applications. 

Some apps have complex features and functionality; thus they must be well-maintained. But that’s not all. There are several mobile apps available for continuous use. Between the apps, the person who owns them, and the clients, there is a virtual string that must be strong and trustworthy to ensure a connection between all of them, which is comes under app maintenance. 

You should monitor the Daily Active People (DAU) after releasing the app on the app store to keep tabs on the users who have downloaded it and are still using it. 

Aside from DAUs, you should also look into Monthly Active Users (MAU), which provide similar numbers but monthly. 

Together, these procedures form mobile app maintenance. 


Larger User Audience 

As per Statista reports the average app uninstalls rate in the US was around 43%. 

Studies say that over 71% of users uninstall apps due to annoying app notifications. 

Larger user base is one of the best benefit of app maintenance. Customers feel valued when you listen to their problems and suggestions and act on them. They continue to use your app and share the information to their friends and family. Finally, as your catering audience expands, so will your revenues. 

Higher Ranking in App Stores 

Apple and Google both appreciate the constant mobile app maintenance. They see it as a sign of your dedication to users and raise your app’s position. This ultimately leads in a higher ranking, higher downloads, and higher app revenue. 

Delivering Better User Experiences  

The user experience is critical to the success of an app and vital part of app maintenance. The look of your app conveys your business identity and puts the finishing touch to your users’ experience. You don’t simply want your clients to download the app, but to enjoy it and use it often. 

You may optimize your application’s front-end play to client input and trends by tracking customer behaviour and interaction over time. And who doesn’t want to be heard? 

Swing2App no code app builder provides you industry-specific templates and features which enhance the user experience efficiently. 

Boosts ROI in the Long Run 

You can attract additional users by incorporating modern technology into existing app functionalities. You can keep ahead of folks who have never used their software since its initial release. Also, you can remain in the minds of the users for longer with such changes. With efficient mobile app maintenance, you can bring more benefits to your organisation. 

Bug free, compatible, and stable app  

We live in an age when technology and devices are upgraded in the blink of an eye. Your apps must keep up with the advancement of technology. Your apps getting left behind could make your devices incompatible with the advancing times. 

Apps with constant crashes or problems are usually deleted faster. Swing2App no-code app builder is consistently committed to maintain your app is an easy method to ensure you keep an engaged consumer base. 

Securing Your Mobile App from Cyber Threats 

Cyber-attacks are terrifying. Customers want apps to be secure and to use the most up-to-date infrastructure for both their important data and financial activities. Security technology is continuously improving, and an essential part of app maintenance. Getting left behind in the race is a dangerous mistake for apps, for example, look how obsolete apps without fingerprint logins or facial recognition are now. 

Get an Edge Over Competition 

Mobile app maintenance and Updates help you in standing out from the crowd. Thousands of varied brands are currently jostling for a position on your clients’ phones. And wouldn’t it be fantastic if that space was set aside for your app? When you quit staying current by updating your code or addressing annoying bugs, your competitors will swoop in. Long-term maintenance of your app will keep you ahead of the competition. 


Figuring out the how expensive is app maintenance can be challenging since it is reliant on many factors that might increase or lessen the app maintenance costs. However, if we talk about the average app maintenance expenses, during the first year after launch, your costs of mobile app maintenance an app might be 50% of the initial app development cost. 

This may arise due to the many modifications you might want to offer in response to your consumers’ comments. Later, your yearly app maintenance budget can be between 15% to 20% of the initial cost. Remember that your app will require maintenance for as long as it exists. 

The number of operating systems also decides the costs. As a result, if you have a native Android and iOS app, your mobile app maintenance costs may be slightly higher. 

A rough estimate of how much an app owner will need to pay each month for mobile app maintenance and running the app smoothly is between $250 and $500. 

When assessing the cost of app maintenance, budget 20% of the cost of initial development. If your app development costs $200,000, you may expect to spend around $40,000 each year to manage it. 

It’s best to talk with an app development business like Swing2App to get an approximation for app maintenance costs and manage your budget accordingly. 

Let’s look at some periodic costs during the app maintenance stage. 

  Cost per month if you hire developers  Cost with Swing2App 
App Hosting Servers  $20-$60  free 
Push Notifications  $10  free 
Bug fixing and updates  $50-$2000 or more  free 
Payment Gateways  $149 or more  free 
Emergency Maintenance  varies  free 
App Stores Developer fee  $25 Google Play $99 AppStore(annual)  Store upload tickets (one time purchase): $25 Google Play $20 Appstore 
Paid App plan  NA  Starts from $33 

From the above table, it is pretty clear that Swing2App is a much better choice to lower app maintenance costs. 


The total cost of mobile app maintenance is based on a variety of factors, including bug fixes and upgrades, the app development team, and hosting. On that topic, here are some aspects that you need to keep in mind while taking the cost of mobile app maintenance into account: 

1. Bug fixing and updates 

Updating your software often can help swiftly fix bugs and enhance the UX. The cost of the upgrades varies depending on many aspects such as the complexity of the programme and improvements in functionalities. Consider your programme has a fault that demands a speedy remedy, then the estimated cost would be roughly $50. 

If you need to upgrade a functional feature, it can take a couple of weeks to fix and costs between $1,000 and $2,000. As an app owner, you must consider such aspects of mobile app maintenance. You could also hire a professional app development business. The professionals can monitor your app on a regular basis and update it as needed for a fee. 

2.  Hosting maintenance 

Another major aspect of deciding the final cost of app maintenance is the app hosting pricing and server charges. You must first consider the type of server you want for your app before calculating the expenses of app hosting. 

App hosting server charges might range from $70 and $320 per month. This is an approximate estimate because it is dependent on various aspects such as content, active users, and predicted growth. 

3.  Analytics  

Mobile app problems, crashes, and other issues need to be tracked and analysed, and for this, you need analytics tools like Google Analytics that provide insights to help you make better decisions. There are many free tools available, as well as some advanced tools that may require payment to deliver vital information. Using such tools can help you assess your users’ preferences and expectations so that you can do necessary changes for app maintenance. 

4.  Customer support 

Your app should help consumers by providing a forum where they can voice their complaints and get their issues solved. Investing in customer service will be a continuing expense but will provide benefits like customer engagement and user feedback. The cost of customer service would vary according to the type of the services given and the measures used. Customer support also provides you with valuable feedback of the customers, which acts as a guide for updates and app maintenance. 

5.  Third-party services 

While designing your app, you may choose to use licenced technology at a price. Several apps, including Uber and Zomato, use Gmail account services for seamless feature integration. If you use third-party services for your app, you must pay monthly. 

Now that we have seen how much app maintenance costs, let’s get into the measures to minimise the cost of running an app. 

HOW TO LOWER APP MAINTENANCE COSTS? – Best Practices for App Maintenance: 

Costs of developing and mobile app maintenance depends on many factors. However, app maintenance cost can be cut down by using the following tips: 

 1. Adding New Feature Updates 

It’s a clever idea to keep an eye out for areas for improvement and new features that will bring value to your app. Adding new features is a part of mobile app maintenance as it provides more use to your customers. Swing2App no-code app builder allows you to include a variety of features in your app, such as maps, calendars, group chat, and so on. 

2.  Invest in the right app development platform 

You have two alternatives when it comes to app development platforms. There are two types of app development platforms: native and hybrid. 

Platform-specific native apps exist. This implies you’ll have to create native programmes for several operating systems, such as Android, iOS, and Windows. Native programmes, on the other hand, are often speedier and take up less space once installed. These apps also have more features because developers focus on creating programmes for a certain operating system. 

When it comes to hybrid apps, they are cross-platform. This implies that you just need to design one app for each platform. It saves both time and money. 

Swing2App no-code app builder allows you to simply create apps for both iOS and Android, and all for the price of one.  

3.  Focus on building MVP (Minimum Viable Product) first 

The term “minimum viable product” (MVP) refers to an app that simply has the most basic functionalities. Offering superfluous functionality can raise the app’s loading time and crash possibilities. As a result, it is recommended that you initially create an MVP having necessary and logical features for your users. 

You can add more features after receiving crucial input from users. Or you can study your competitors or trends and change your app accordingly. 

You can employ a product development agency to help bring your product to life for a successful MVP development. However, that would lead to extra costs. Swing2App no-code app builder allows you to develop a free MVP, test it, and then proceed to add complex features. 

4.Up to date with the latest development trends 

Keeping up with the current technological advancements is the best method to avoid the need for frequent maintenance. To keep up with the newest UI (User Interface) trends, you can locate suitable sources such as Swing2App no-code app builder, depending on the type of app. You can also stay up with additional information, such as top IoT (Internet of Things) trends, to make your apps market ready. 

Swing2App no-code app builder includes industry-specific templates that are up to date with the current trends, making app development much easier. 

5.  Discuss strategy with app development partner 

When necessary, a reputable app development business, such as the Swing2App no-code app builder, may provide high-quality app maintenance services. You can talk to the specialists about all the costs associated with app maintenance and development. We will also help you with budgeting and making educated decisions. 


Your job is never finished even after you’ve launched the app. You don’t want your app to become irrelevant within a few months, especially after all the time, effort, and money you put into it. 

There are two major risks that every app faces:

1) The playstore and AppStore guideline updates

You have to update the app regularly to keep up with the latest policies and guidelines.

However, it is an expensive thing to do because a developer have to review all the guidelines on every update of a new version of both android and ios. Additionally, this is also a time-consuming process.

Do not worry! Swing2App support version which is valid for every update of the new version

2) The new device specifications

As you know Android and iOS 12 are here, but this is not the end, both platforms will keep upgrading to the latest versions and so will the user’s device.

Hence, it becomes a crucial step to update your app according to new specifications. This is also a time-consuming and costly process, but not with Swing2App.

Swing2App keeps your app ready for future contingencies too!

This is where we can help. Swing2App not only creates creative apps, but also helps in mobile app maintenance and scaling.  

So, in case, you want mobile app maintenance services or wish to take your app to the next level, feel free to contact us. Without a doubt, our professionals will provide the most outstanding mobile app maintenance services and aid you in improving your product! 

With Swing2App you also get the following added advantages: 

  • Easy app update  
  • technical support and general expert maintenance  
  • 24*7 support  
  • Scalability of your app 


If you want to develop great app experiences, you must focus on app maintenance. With Swing2App, we don’t simply publish your app and hope it succeeds. Our goal is to safeguard your app and to ensure that it is future-proof. With our subscription plan, you will have round-the-clock technical support for bugs, software updates, and expert mobile app maintenance. Swing2App mobile app maintenance is absolutely free and for a lifetime!  

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