10 Reasons your restaurant business need a mobile app to grow?

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Food-related businesses are extremely competitive and those not focusing on marketing , are likely to fail in the long run

If we ask you to name one industry that hardly goes bust, what would it be? – Crude oil industry? Retail? E-commerce? Hospitality services?  


Food. It is the most underrated and overrated thing among all. The food or restaurant industry is one of the booming industries that hardly suffer the slaps of recession or other fiascos.  

Although during this pandemic, the industry did see the biggest drop in its sales and profits, those restaurant businesses that had invested in mobile app development for restaurants were able to sail the tide hardships during the COVID-19 crisis. 

There are numerous benefits of mobile apps for restaurants, and we will present them to you. Keep on reading.

Benefits Of Mobile Apps For Restaurant Business

1. Expanded Market Reach

If we compare a local chain of restaurants with the one that too is local but has a mobile app of its own, it would become obvious that the one with the restaurant mobile app would have more customers since it can target customers residing far from its location and not merely depend on local customers.

This way, restaurant mobile applications help businesses drive more customers by spreading the word. Besides, there are various technologies and tools at your disposal via restaurant apps that help your business become more efficient and drive in more sales and profits. At the least, you will get a higher ROI.

2. Increased Sales Amongst Millennials and gen z

Millennials and gen z are undoubtedly the catalysts of the 360-digital transformation of industries around the globe. Looking at the hottest demographic for the restaurant business, these two are the ideal demographics to be targeted and served since they are driving the world and are most active.

Ipso facto, this translates into the fact that businesses need to cater to their needs – and that is instant on-demand services. Something that you can clearly achieve through a free restaurant ordering app. This way apps for small restaurants can turn the tide in their favour and help them spread their brand name.

3. Location-targeted marketing

Having a working website is not nearly enough now as it was a decade ago. Changing with time is what keeps a business afloat in the market. Sure your website has its own features and merits but, they are not sufficient to attract and retain more customers than it is doing now. Your business needs a custom restaurant app with geo-location functionality.

With a restaurant order-taking app, you can implement location-targeted marketing via GPS coupons and Beacon technology. For instance, if any customer with your mobile app in their smartphone comes in the vicinity of your restaurant, your mobile app for restaurant ordering will automatically send push notifications to their devices, informing them of amazing deals, discounts, and menu to lure them in. One of the use cases for this strategy is the Book-a-table app.

4. Loyalty programs for user engagement

It is those times where 63% of Gen Z and millennial users are found to not commit to the brands not offering loyalty programs. In fact, loyalty programs are more for the business than they are for customers in truth. Even an increase in retention rate by 5% can boost the profits by 25% to even a staggering 95%. And loyalty programs are known for this quality.

You can employ different schemes, discounts, and deals to retain the existing customer base as well as invite new potential customers. You can achieve this by introducing exclusive discounts like first-five orders and such to motivate users to use your app and your services.

5. Effectively analyze user behavior pattern

Unlike a website, best restaurant mobile apps offer incredible insights into the user behavior that further translates into inclusive benefits for restaurant businesses. All the popular applications from all the domains take the help of mobile app analytics to track user behavior to personalize and improve their services for better engagement.

There are all kinds of restaurant mobile applications such as Table booking, table-ordering, food ordering apps for restaurants that offer different kinds of insights into the needs and demands of users. A lot of such game-changing information was led astray before the advent of the mobile app into the restaurant and food domain.

6. Reduced operational cost

Since everything is digital now, it saves more than a few bucks for small and local restaurant chains. When it comes to marketing, there is no need to waste money on physical marketing since digital is the new black.

What push notifications and other app features can do for your business is not comparable to the other old-school campaigns. Restaurant apps increase operational efficiency during peak times and save extra operating costs.

7. Impeccable user experience

One of the prominent and indispensable things for a business is to render exemplary user experience. It is this component that ensures customer retention and growth of a business. A website though useful, is difficult to navigate when on the go. There are certain functionalities it fails to deliver. A mobile app, on the other hand, is much easier to navigate for the users, hence better UX than the website.

Moreover, there are other examples to look for. For instance, what if you can lessen the waiting time or eliminate the need for standing in queues to order your food? Wouldn’t you appreciate it as a user? It is facilities like this that boost the experience of users with your restaurant and translates into long-term benefits for your restaurant business.

8. No hassle online payments

In this digital age, there is nothing more than ‘options’ that people strive for. Something that is true for payment gateways as well. Why make customers rely on other applications and gateways when they can order and pay for food right from your restaurant app?

If you offer everything at one place, this will surely improve users’ experience with your brand and this may bring you more business. In fact, it was revealed in a Food Tech Connect survey that 98% of people from the age of 18 to 34 years have paid any kind of bill once online is likely to do that again via mobile. This is a clear indication of how profitable it could be for your restaurant business.

9. Referral Marketing

Referral marketing has gained a reputation of its own during the course of years. It is one of the most popular types of marketing that is relevant than ever with mobile apps. Many business giants like Amazon also practice this marketing strategy.

One of the surefire ways to increase more downloads on your app and drive business to your restaurant is by referral marketing. This not only encourages your existing users, but also targets potential users in a way that they become your loyal users. You can offer reward points or some other types of gifts to encourage users to share your app with others.

10. Social media sharing

It does not matter what niche your business operates in, if you want to get exposure, social media is your best bet. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are ruling the day when it comes to helping companies reach a wider audience with minimum efforts – all with the help of a restaurant app.

Not only this, but social media is an effective tool to improve the brand image and value in the eyes of customers. Hence, an aggressive online presence becomes mandatory. It also helps the business to interact with customers directly and more efficiently, and respond to the feedback given by them.

How to develop a mobile app for a restaurant for free?

We are sure after reading all these advantages of having a restaurant app, you would be wondering “how to make an app like dominos pizza” or how to find the best restaurant mobile app developers that could offer you the best solution without cutting a hole in your pocket.

Well, what if we tell you we have a better option for you? You can create an amazing restaurant app for your business yourself within minutes without any coding or backend needed with Swing2app.

Excited to create an app yourself? Read this detailed article on “How to develop a mobile app for a restaurant for free?” to get started

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