How long does it take to get approved on the google and apple app store?

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After developing your app you want launch your app on Google Play Store or the App Store. Apple’s app approval process tends to take longer, but is more in depth.

There is no limit to the popularity that Google Play Store and Apple App Store have gained since the time of their inception. Being the sole competitors of each other, they occupied the majority of the OS market worldwide. 

So, if as an entrepreneur you decided to develop an app for one or both of these platforms, there has to be the question of “how long does it take to get an app on the Play Store and App Store” nagging at you.  

To which we have prepared the answers for you. So, sit back and get to know everything about the overall App Store Connect and Google Play Store approval time. 

Google Play Store Review Process 

Let’s take it from the top. 

In order to get your app approved in less than no time then you have to make sure that every aspect of your app is according to the will of Google, i.e., Google Quality Guidelines (known as Material Design Guidelines). 

So, make sure that you go through these guidelines and that your business mobile app adheres to them. Here are the sections that you will encounter in this document- 

1.Design and User Interaction 

This section is devoted to the UX and UI design principles for Android mobile apps. It is to ensure that your app is easy and engaging for users to use and meets the standard of the platform

Make sure that your app adheres to Visual and navigation patterns like system icons and typography, animation, style, usability, layout, and so on. 


Your app will be judged on the basis of its functionalities and how it functions. The things that matter the most here are that your Android app must work remarkably on both landscape and portrait view, audio of the app (if any) must not play off-screen and that it must restore and preserve the right user state.  

For instance, if it is a gaming app, then it must show the same screen it was showing before the game was exited. 

3.Compatibility and Performance 

This is to make sure that the performance of your app is bugs proof so that it doesn’t crash while heavy usage. So, make sure that it can run on the latest Android versions.  


To get full points for being a safe and trusting app for users, you need to ace this section. We suggest that you thoroughly go through User data guidelines to prepare your app for the review. 

Now, this is followed by another process of publishing an app on Google Play. You can check out our detailed process on :

Now the answer to ‘how long does it take to publish an app on Google Play’ is quite simple.

The whole process can be performed within a few hours given you have all the crucial information with you beforehand. Also, it helps if you already know the whole process to avoid any hiccups that might cause a delay in publishing. 

Since this process can be done within hours, the approval of an app is a whole other story. 

Unlike before, when the review and approval process only took merely a few hours for an app to get live on the Play Store, it’s not the case any longer. 

In April of last year (2019), Google announced that the review process is going to take longer to ensure the safety of the apps. 


Now, Google has suggested that developers must make a window of three-days buffer time in their schedule for the review process. Nevertheless, if you want to shorten this time period, make sure your app is right-on.  

Apple App Store Approval Process 

It is a plain truth that when it comes to Apple, it is not easy to get one’s app approved within a few hours. In comparison to Google, it is more strict and rigid in its guidelines. 

So, to start with, make sure to go through the App Review guidelines since every app published via App Store Connect is reviewed. Just like Google, Apple also covers certain areas that it covers while reviewing the apps. 

It includes content, design, the functionality of your app, security, and performance. While the process for submitting your iOS app will only take a few hours, it is the review time that is dreaded the most. 

You need to avoid these hiccups while uploading your app – bugs and errors, performance issues, broken links, no placeholder content, incomplete information, inaccurate descriptions, misleading users, bad UI design, advertisements, and web clippings, and content aggregators. These are some of the most popular reasons why an app might get rejected.  

We know you are waiting for the answer to “how long do Apple take to review an app?” 

Well, an estimated average is that 50% of the apps are generally reviewed within 24 hours and almost 90% of apps can also take up to 48 hours in review, depending on the functionalities of the app alone. 

To check the status of your app, you may visit My Apple app on iTunes. There is a piece of good news too. You can also request for App Store expedited review if you have a time crunch. Just make sure you have valid reasons for doing so. 

Nevertheless, even if your app gets rejected you can contact Apple’s resolution Centre and ask for detailed feedback


If you just make sure that your app meets all the guidelines for both Google and Apple, your app will become live within a week of your initial app submission. This is the easiest and safest way to get your app reviewed and approved in an expedited manner. 

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