No-code App Development Vs. Traditional App Development: Which is the future?

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No Code/Low Code app development: Why should your business care?

Traditional app development has been holding the strings of this domain for far too long already. And as time went by, we started to see through the cracks how unfulfilling the old way of doing things was becoming. 

According to the Gartner report of 2017, the market demand for app development was supposed to grow at least 5X faster than the capacity of IT to deliver it. This seems to stand true as we are about to hit the year 2021.  

With such a humongous demand for mobile apps, it will nearly become challenging for mobile app development agencies to bite more than they can chew. And not to forget the gray clouds of project backlogs that keep piling up as we speak.  

In the lieu of this traditional approach, developers came up with an innovative concept of No-code app builder platforms. It promotes the concept of ‘citizen developers’ coupled with ‘Do it yourself’. 

Where low code app development platforms still require some amount of coding for certain tasks, no-code app builders are free from this trait and allow business owners and small entrepreneurs to create their app with features they want

To stop you from grappling with the unprecedented rise in the demand for no-code platforms, we would like to help you with some convincing statistics.  

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Before we go on to discuss why no-code app development platforms could be the future (although not replacing professional developers), here is an excerpt by – Simon Chan, Founder, and CEO, DigiVue Consulting

“20 years ago, enterprise systems were implemented by 100s of consultants and experts at a multi-million-dollar cost…Now with No code/low code, the same systems can be implemented by smaller players at a fraction of the price and in a fraction of the time. Internet, Cloud, and social media have leveled the playing field.” –Simon Chan, Founder, and CEO, DigiVue Consulting

Absolute Reasons to Choose No-Code App Maker Platforms For Your Next Business Mobile App 

1.Low-cost development with a lower total cost of ownership 

No company wants to incur expenses which they can save otherwise. It is known that hiring or outsourcing resources and tools is not so much as pocket-friendly as it is expensive. Small or mid-sized companies do not have everything which is needed for successful development. 

Although it may not sound like a big deal for established enterprises to hire an in-house team for the development of a mobile app, companies are just starting and cannot afford it. They only have one resource, that too with limitations – capital.  

Thus, the best option for them is not the traditional approach to development, but the emerging no-code app development platforms which promote citizen developers.  

Without taking the risk of time sink or unexpected costs, entrepreneurs can create an app for their business within minutes and for free with no to minimum technical knowledge. 

2.Increased productivity with a lesser backlog 

No code app builders are not just useful for people without technical skills, they also assist developers in lessening their burden. Because the demand for mobile apps is at its peak, the delivery is not at par.  

This creates a backlog that is quickly becoming one of the headaches for many app developments companies. With the help of no-code mobile app creators, they can create certain parts of an app within minutes or a couple of hours at max., which would have taken weeks or months instead.  

Moreover, when anyone without any technical or coding can create an app, the problem of excessive demand and minimum supply resolves in itself. 

3.Agility promoting quick-change management 

Business is dynamic. Thus, sometimes what business thought of incorporating in its app might not be an ideal way to go about it. They might suggest a few changes.  

Now, with the traditional approach, it becomes challenging for the developers to tweak the code midway and change the whole development process.  

With native no-code app makers, you can constantly change the features with ease and in real-time too. Rapid app development (RAD) is also a great tool to reduce time-to-market. Because of this agile approach, you can change the functions and features all the while tracking the efficiency.  

4.Time-to-market reduced to hours 

As we mentioned briefly above, no-code mobile app builder tools promote Rapid app development, which means the development of an app within minutes so that organizations can benefit from the short time-to-market. 

Besides being citizen-friendly, no-code app makers are also ideal for entrepreneurs with a catalytic business/app idea with the first-movers’ advantage. There is a chance they might lose it if they are not prompt with the launch. Therefore, such no-code platforms come in handy. 

5.Lower Risk & Higher ROI 

Taking the point of increased productivity in a different direction, no-code platforms offer businesses and developers lower chances of risk of coding mistakes. This not only saves a lot of wasted efforts by the developers but also eliminates any delay in the development. 

With basic apps with crucial features and amazing UI being taken care of by no-code app builders, developers and other experts can focus on more pressing issues.  

It helps organizations to cover every aspect in detail and avoid any mistakes that lead to risks and thus, increases the ROI of businesses.  

6.Easier Learning Curve 

Unlike learning programming languages and then mastering the practical, using these no-code app development platforms is much easier

Because they are focused to assist small startups and mid-sized organizations, they are designed in a way so that everything is very simple to comprehend.  

Users are guided through the process and are provided with many tutorials and guides to help them along the way. Users can easily watch and learn how to develop an app without coding via Youtube tutorials offered by Swing2App

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7.Not likely to become obsolete in the near future 

The reason behind this speculation is that Google in January 2020 itself acquired a no-code platform  – AppSheet. Moreover, many other big organizations have started to give low-code/no-code app development a try. 

Swing2App mobile app builder: An ideal no-code app builder?

Not only Swing2App app builder platforms offer multiple tools to assist you with the development, but it also offers remarkable features such as push notifications, One Touch, in-app advertising, and a lot more for a minimal payable amount. 

For people who are not familiar with publishing apps on Google Play Store, or have no idea how to launch an app on Apple App Store, Swing2App allows them to do so right from the platform. 

So, why waste time and overthink, when you can create an app in a blink? 

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