What Should Entrepreneurs Expect From App Builder Platforms?

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Do you have an amazing entrepreneurial idea , but don’t know how to code it into an app? No Problem.

The humans’ need to innovate and keep on improving has led us to achieve the unimaginable.

The world is at the fingertips now. You can do almost everything with the help of smartphones, the internet, and mobile apps.

From on-demand services to almost everything, there is a mobile app available. Entrepreneurs are becoming more aware of the potential of mobility solutions for their business models.

Almost every established brand owns a mobile app catering to the various purposes of the company.

Sadly, up until now, the mobility platform was off-limits for small businesses and startups simply because the cost of mobile app development was enough to drain their capital before they even begin.

Therefore, app creation platforms were introduced to completely obliterate the barrier to entry and promote Rapid app development (RAD). These mobile app builder platforms are no-code solutions allowing you to create your own app.

Without being overwhelmed, you can design and develop your app since the platforms take care of the coding and all the technicalities.

Even if you know nothing about coding, you can still create an app with basic functionalities in minutes without investing any money.

Since RAD is fairly a new concept, we will help you understand end-to-end about these mobile application creator platforms.

Rapid app development: Things to consider when opting for an app builder

1.Choice of platforms

Just like if you go with mobile app development, you would want to have a choice in whether you want to develop Android or iOS native apps, or simply both.

It is something that an app development platform should offer as well. It does not make sense that you develop an Android app from one platform and iOS app from another.

To keep everything streamlined simple, the app builder platform you choose must give you the option to target both Android and iOS platforms. If you create apps for both operating systems, you will indubitably increase your pool of potential customers to drive more business.

With our app creation platform, you will have the liberty to choose any or all platforms for your mobile application.

2.Learning curve

Irrespective of the fact that no-code mobile app development platforms are easy to use, there is always a learning curve for things. You may not need any knowledge of programming or designing, but you need to feel familiar with the platform.

Although the instructions are very clear and easy to follow, it may feel overwhelming in the beginning to understand what is supposed to do what.

Therefore, take your time with the platform of your choice and start playing around with it. Before you start developing your actual app, try creating apps to understand how it works.

Once you understand what you are doing, you will be able to do it better for your actual mobile app.

More crucially, a no-code application builder should always offer the helping hand. Meaning, although you can easily create mobility solutions on your own as it is not rocket science, you should always have help available, if you ever need it.

These professionals can get you started with your app design and more and help you all the way until you get your desired product.

Unlike many platforms, Swing2App offers support service to the users who do not mind the help of professionals to get the best out of their product.

3.Tools and resources offered to help curb steep learning curve

If there is a learning curve for the platforms, there should be viable solutions available from the platform as well. Lest, what good is a platform if you cannot use it to its optimal potential because you do not have appropriate tools for it.

Instead of making you find the way on your own, an ideal mobile application creation platform should provide the necessary help and tools to assist the users and lead them towards a better version of their mobility solution.

Tutorials – Resources such as video tutorials of different processes and functions of the platform are of incredible help to the users. They guide the users on the steps they should follow and do things the right way.

Swing2App offers a plethora of video tutorials explaining every process end-to-end so that our users get the best out of their app idea.

Have a look at our Youtube channel for orientation and start turning your vision into a functioning reality.

Blogs – Additional useful information is a cherry on top. Blogs and well-researched guides come in handy to gather insights about the options available for the users.

You can get so much knowledge about the on-going market trends, potential technologies you can use, and explore other avenues from where your mobile app can profit.

FAQs – These are real-time solutions and answers to all your spontaneous questions. Although tutorials and blogs help with everything, sometimes you need to know about a specific problem and quickly, this is where FAQs provide you with the real-time answers.

4.Design templates and prototypes

It is all about choices. Since you are going to create your app with a platform that offers ready-made tools and resources, you need to have a wide range of choices for designing to set apart your app from the crowd.

There are many platforms that only offer a handful of options in the name of design and prototype templates. You do not want to get stuck with such an inadequate platform in the middle of creating your app.

Thus, make sure to choose a platform that offers a high level of customization and choices for loading screens, app icons, fonts, colours, backgrounds, menu alignment, graphics, buttons, and other CTAs and their placement.

With our platform, Swing2app offers numerous design templates for your preference and effective prototypes. Unlike other platforms, we offer robust templates that do not crash and work smoothly.

5.Proper apps take time

Yes, with a good no-code mobile application builder, you can create an app in a matter of minutes. And the end products function properly as well.

Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement when it comes to mobility solutions. Some applications like a calculator or event recorder app, you can create them very easily and quickly, but the same cannot be said for food delivery or social media apps like Snapchat.

Why is that? Because the level of complexity and functions varies to a great extent. You can create an app based on your app idea with very basic features if you are looking to grab the first-movers’ advantage with minimum time-to-market.  

But if this is not the case, then you should take your sweet time and create a masterpiece you want the world to see.  There is no doubt that an exemplary app takes months to develop and even longer to reach the users.

So, if you want to seize all the opportunities mobility solutions offer, you need to get it right and take your time in designing the app.

6.Introducing new features

It is the features that will set your app apart from the garbage of apps launched every day on the apps marketplace. Thus, it is paramount for you to select an app creator platform that has a lot of features on the platter.

Apart from the basic features of your app’s category, some other premium features you should look for are push notifications, content management system (CMS), analytics, loyalty programs, and so on

These features ensure that your app offers the in-demand services and functionality to the users to get the most eyes.

Another thing is the availability of effective plug-ins integration. If you want your app to have as many features as possible, you are bound to end up needing plug-ins to use.

Now, it wouldn’t be ideal to want something and not have it at such a crucial stage of mobile app development. Thus, an app builder platform like Swing2App should always support easy integration of third-party plug-ins like Maps, Camera, Audio, etc.

{Speaking of plug-ins, see how you can earn money from AdMob for Android apps}

7.Convert your website into a mobile app

If you want to create an app in real-time, there is more than one way to go about it. Besides making an app from scratch, you can also turn your website into a mobile app.

Because it is about giving you a variety of choices, a reliable app builder platform should offer you this option as well. Progressive web apps (PWAs) were in trend for a while, but they do not offer the best user experience.

So, it is always better to create your app either from scratch or turn your website into one to allow users a seamless experience. If you can provide a satisfactory user experience, you would not have to worry about profits, for the customers would come pouring in.

8.Provide publishing service

Once you are done with creating an exemplary app based on your app idea or business model, it is time to launch it in the market.

For someone who has never published an app on any platform, the whole process of publishing apps on Google Play Store and App Store might be a little overwhelming.

A no-code application builder platform that understands this will help its users in every way possible. Swing2App is one such solution that offers to submit your DIY app on the app stores from its platform itself.

Therefore, you will not have to go through the tedious and complex process of launching your app yourself. You will only have to pay the fee charged by the platforms and you will be done.

9.Free apps come with a cost

Most of the platforms that allow you to create mobile apps without coding provide free plans to develop apps as well.

As much helpful these plans are for small businesses or startups which do not have a lot of money to spare for app development, there is a catch.

Free plans consist of only the basic features and functionalities. These plans are ideal for you to create your MVP, a prototype, or a beta version of your actual app to get the response and feedback from the users which you can use to improve your actual app.

In order to develop a truly remarkable app capable of driving users, you will need more than just free stuff. There are dedicated plans on these platforms consisting of great features you can use for your app and app functionalities to make it more relevant for the users.

Not to mention, mobile app development is an ongoing process. Once you create and launch your app, you need to make iterations and update in it to keep its bugs and glitches free for optimum user experience. And for doing this, you need premium tools and technology.

Use Swing2app to help you start a mobile app development business

The popularity of mobile apps is evident, and so are the opportunities that they offer to small businesses and startups.

Ipso facto, many entrepreneurs look up to this domain as their opportunity to seize the benefits it has to offer. As more and more people are gaining interest in starting their own mobile app development business with a lot of capital to spare, we at Swing2App offer an easy way out.

How does the idea of starting your own mobile app development business with Zero investment sound to you?

It is as practical as it is appealing. With Swing2App’s Affiliate reseller mobile app program, you can sell apps without creating and earn yourself a livelong revenue source.

On every sale, a hefty percentage of the profit will be shared with you without taking a penny from you before you make any sale.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to know how to enroll yourself in the Reseller program and start your own business.

By far, we know that choosing the right mobile app development platform will be the best choice you will make.

These platforms have a lot to offer to SMEs. Once you know what you should expect from these platforms and how to use them to your advantage, you can make big bucks with little investment.

Ready to create your app?

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